let it go // words of wisdom


LATELY, I’VE FOUND myself muttering these words. Deep breath in, deep breath out, let it go, I whisper to no one. When I’m alone on the couch. When I’m in the shower. While I’m walking to the gym.

• It’s been quiet around the blog this week. I’m trying to let that go.

• I may have gone on a bit of a cinnamon heart binge last weekend. That too, I’m trying to let go.

• The pinterest-worthy champagne birthday party I planned to host for myself has turned into a few casual drinks at a bar. I’m also letting that go.

• The spoken words “I just don’t really admire your ambition or lifestyle”. Ya, I’m really trying to let that one go.

It’s one thing to hold yourself to a high standard and to set goals. It’s another to not be able to accept reality, adjust expectations and simply push on.

The things that are weighing you down – let those go so that your hands, your heart and your head are free to hold onto something else.





I REALIZE I have no business saying this right now. I mean, I’m one set of false teeth away from a being a full blown retired snowbird. But. I saw this on this blog yesterday and I had one of those “OMG I TOTALLY KNOW THAT FEELING” moments. Such a human truth, right. When there is so much going on in your life that you can practically see the spinning wheel of death over your brain. I just loved it.

On that note. I’ve been pretty quiet around here. Now, I don’t typically apologize for radio silence because that’s sort of one of my blogging pet peeves. It’s like… writing about how you’re not writing doesn’t count as a post. And the fact of the matter is that I’d rather post something really great once a month than a whole bunch of fluff and filler every day. Hopefully you agree.

Anyway. I thought that with being away I was going to do all this writing and blogging but it hasn’t been so. The truth is that it’s been really nice to  “disconnect” from the world and take a bit of a breather. Reevaluate if you will. Regain a sense of “the things that matter”. Gosh, that gets awfully blurry when you’re amidst the hustle and bustle of a 20-something life.

The good news (that is, good news if you happen to like reading my blog) is that, I have been thinking a lot. And I have a long list of ideas of things I want to create, write, cover and get up to. After being away from my beloved city for nearly 7 weeks I’ll be back in my humble abode real soon and I could not be more excited to make some wildly inspired things happen.

Until then. Please forgive me while I spend the rest of my days here knitting by the pool.