IT’S BEEN AWHILE since I’ve looked at my goals and it’s been even longer since I’ve set some.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve sat down to go through it but I just kept getting side-tracked and to the bottom of the priority list my goal-setting would fall. I meant to do it in January because well, that just made sense. A fresh perspective and a fresh start. Besides I was already doing a lot of re-evaluating at that time.

I won’t lie, I think a part of me was in mega-avoidance mode because I knew that a bunch of the goals I’d set last July would now be completely irreverent. Was it failure? No – just a change of heart, I know that, but facing it (not to mention going through the daunting and vulnerable task of declaring what was next) made me not want anything to do with it for awhile.

When I finally took a look I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only had I accomplished a lot more than I’d thought, I’d even crossed off goals years earlier than I’d expected. These are the goals I set in July of 2013:

My 2014 Goals

Not all these goals happened exactly as I planned (and some not at all) but I still feel really complete with them which, in my opinion, is what really matters. For example – I didn’t throw an epic champagne birthday party for myself (at least not the one I’d envisioned) but I had a really great birthday and learned the value of letting go of certain expectations. I managed to make huge strides with my health goals, travelled to Hawaii (with family, not friends… although I did meet my boyfriend there so there’s that), and LITTLE LESSY and my apartment were featured on The EveryGirl last month. Possibly the most exciting accomplishments were taking an entrepreneurial leap-of-faith a year earlier than planned and being paid to style my first event (by lululemon no less).

So, now what?

Well, after re-reading my goals from last year and realizing how much progress I’d made (and how many of them were no longer goals of mine) it was definitely time to re-evaluate.

The timing couldn’t be better because these days I have something like 4 jobs that seem somewhat unconnected. It feels a bit like I do everything and nothing. I experience the ups and downs of that inconsistency every single day. As I wait for certain things to pick up and shift I’m hanging on for dear life trying to remind myself that this is all leading somewhere. The best way to really convince yourself that that is true, is to write it all down in chronological order.

So, I’m re-focused and certainly re-inspired! Head on over here to read my new set of goals fresh off the press! I am so ready to make shit happen.



Geek Chic


WELL FRIENDS, It’s official, my vision is going. I had my first ever “oh god I’m aging” moment yesterday and let me tell you something – it was not cool. I spent the better half of this week perplexed as to why my computer screen was so blurry but had blamed it on ten pesky culprits (fingers, mine included) who just can’t seem to keep themselves off the monitor (‘look with your eyes not your hands’ I keep reminding myself).  And for the record I have an infamously filthy screen (I don’t know why I’m bragging) so the theory was not that far-fetched.

And then. I put my glasses on. Crystal. Fucking. Clear. And that’s when panic set in. Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking, if you have glasses 1. why weren’t you wearing them? and 2. why is this a shock?

I got glasses in grade 10 when I couldn’t get through an incredibly boring book without my eyes tearing up and falling off the page. It wasn’t so much that I couldn’t see the book but more so that my eyes were being so strained that they were getting watery and I couldn’t see through the tears. In hindsight I blame the author for writing such a terrible book – I think my eyes were simply in protest.

Since then, my glasses have always been an option. I wear them if I’m tired or have a headache, for driving at night (cuts the glare) and most often – when they complete my outfit (I know…).  I have never needed my glasses, they were more of a ‘nice-to-have’ and fashionably convenient.

So you can only imagine my devastation when I realized that this was only the beginning and soon enough I’ll probably be that person who can’t spontaneously sleep over at your house because I don’t have any contact solution (note: I can’t tell you the last time I had a spontaneous sleep-over but I’d like the option).

I am not ready to be dependent on something else to see – it freaks me right out (and yes I realize half the world right now is telling me to cry them a river.)

Moral of the story – I’m not okay with this.
Geek Chic: Cool.
Losing Vision: Not Cool. Not Cool at all.