Vancouver Heritage Home

IF YOU FOLLOW me on instagram then you know I posted about how my darling little apartment was going to be up for grabs at the end of the month. And if you follow me on Pinterest you’ve probably caught on to the fact that I’m most definitely planning a move. But for those of you who get their full fill of Allessia just from this little blog then here’s the news, hot off the press:  I bought a house…or rather the middle floor of a cute little triplex. So I guess I bought part of a house? Gotta love city-living.

Despite the fact that I’ve been somewhat involved in the purchase of a few different properties over the years (and by involved I mean giving my “it looks pretty” stamp of approval) I surprisingly knew nothing about making such a purchase. I’m incredibly thankful to have found Kyle Holoboff my trusty real estate agent who didn’t turn his nose up at any of my stupid questions (WTF is rainscreening and why is everyone bragging about it?). Seriously if you are looking to buy in Vancouver you want Kyle by your side. Especially if you’re anything like me and speak in emoji when things get overwhelmingly-emotional as they do (I’ve learned) when you’re buying a house. Kyle will emoji right back at you.  That said he is still extremely smart, strategic and professional.

Since I’ve watched too many episodes of Love It Or List It I prepared a list of must-haves like a pro:

1. Must have character (I refuse to live in a box. I also told him if Concord Pacific built it I didn’t even want to see it. Sorry CP.)

2. Must be super bright. Like wake up at 5am because the sun is shining in bright.

3. Must have office space / somewhere to put visiting guests.

4. Must have outdoor space.

5. Open to finding something that needed a little TLC so that I can finish it to my taste without feeling guilty about pulling out any brand new fixtures.

I’m pretty happy to report we did pretty awesome with that list. Number 1 was the most challenging item to nail but boy did we hit it out of the park. Apparently I have purchased the second oldest house still on its original lot here in Vancouver. How Allessia of me. It was built in 1889 – exactly 100 years before me. Luckily most of the headaches that come with buying an ancient house have been dealt with by the previous owners and all that’s really left to do are some cosmetic upgrades (you guys, I’m the proud owner of the classic white cabinet with oak trim 80s kitchen… help!). That said – this kitchen is about 4x as big as the one I currently have so I can’t really complain. Hmmm maybe HGTV Canada or the W network would want to take on my home renovation… maybe…anyone?…Bueller? Okay.

I’m hoping to take possession of the place in a few weeks, granted I didn’t just jinx it all. I also wanted to make a shout out to my awesome mortgage broker Eitan Pinsky. I wouldn’t know the first thing about finding such people so I figure these recommendations are helpful, yes? Eitan was equally as awesome as Kyle – explaining everything to me clearly and walking me through the whole process. I especially appreciated that he took the time to get to know me (I like people who build relationships) and we bounded over a few things like marketing degrees and living in Toronto. Eitan also made a house call when my sprained ankle deemed me immobile and gave me some exercises to help strengthen it back up (more than just a mortgage broker folks!).

Anyway – that’s enough of me blubbering about this little old house of mine… I’m sure there will be PLENTY more to report soon.



 Take Me To The Mountains | LITTLE LESSY

I CONSIDER MYSELF pretty lucky to live in such a place where daycations are possible. I mean I guess a daycation is technically possible anywhere but just 10 minutes outside the city of Vancouver you feel like you’re in a whole new world. THAT is pretty spectacular.

I’m headed to Whistler today thanks to a surprise plan put into action by Daniel. Unfortunately he didn’t foresee me spraining my ankle when he booked it a month ago. Any one have any recommendations on what a crippled person should do up there? To be honest I’m simply pumped for the quiet, quality time. Maybe I’ll finally finish that super intelligent book (ahem, Catching Fire) I started reading in March… Maybe?

You should daycation today too. Just tell your boss Allessia said so. Don’t even worry about it.




JUST POPPING IN to say that my home tour is now up on The Everygirl and I’m kinda really excited about it! It’s been a goal of mine for a long time to have my apartment featured on a site so this is BIG TIME.

Can we also just talk about how awesome this week has been? I got paid to style a party on Monday, booked a trip to AZ for next week (hello sunshine!), had this feature go live AND da-da-duh-da PlaidFox (aka the start-up I joined) launched this morning! I should also mention that last night my very terrible volleyball team who hasn’t won more than a set all season won 2 games last night, with just 3 people. It’s the little things guys.


Anyhoo, head on over here to see the full article and more pictures!