Ankle Sprain

NOTE TO SELF: trying to be a trail-running hero will end in a trip to the ER. Who was I kidding. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

As I lie here in bed twiddling my thumbs 1 hour into obeying my Doctors strict orders to RICE (see title) I’m wondering how it is I’m going to stay off this ankle for the next few weeks. Have I mentioned I’m moving out at the end of the month? Or have my first 2 wedding styling gigs? And am headed to Vegas for a trade show? Bah – I suppose there is no good time to lose your ankle but this just feels like the WORST time. Okay that was slightly dramatic, I didn’t lose my ankle – just lost the use of it…but I mean what good is it to you if it doesn’t function? Humph.

Anyway, since I can’t really think of anything else to do (I’m a prisoner in my own home) I thought I’d rehash the details on the blog – mostly because I have a few moderately funny stories about the day’s adventures.

I’ll skip over the part where I bit it real good while hiking a trail and then had to hobble 15 minutes down the rest of the way. Injuring yourself in the middle of nature is the worst. Fast forward to arriving at the hospital and picking possibly the worst parking spot. So far from the ER. So so so far. In classic Daniel fashion he requested we bring the container of watermelon I’d prepared for our hike, into the ER with us. I kind of thought we had more important things to deal with but I don’t like to get between him and his stomach so I just went with it. Realizing that jumping on one foot wasn’t going to get me anywhere very fast I hopped onto Daniel’s back and we were on our way. We got across the parking lot and as far as Radiology before snagging a wheel chair and continuing to the other side of the hospital, garnering a few smiles (and stares) from onlookers. I almost would have felt bad if he had had to piggy back me the whole way but people I was in P.A.I.N. As we waited in line to speak with someone I sat there in my chariot with the container of watermelon in my lap. A doctor passed by us, did a double take and with a really concerned look asked,

“is there a limb in there?!”.

It took us a second to realize what he was implying (and how it must have looked) before we nearly keeled over in laughter. The freaking watermelon. God we’re random. Of course the series of events that had all led to that moment got me in a good giggle fit. Not being able to control myself a much less pleased and much more grumpy lady also waiting, shouted “Gosh, what did they give you? I want whatever you got!” Well lady, all I got is the silliest boyfriend who knows how to make me laugh….And you can’t have him. I suppose laughter IS the best medicine, ya?

 Sprained Ankle

I realize you didn’t ask to see a picture of it but I needed to make you feel a little bad for me.

After more waiting I quietly instructed Daniel to pretend he was either my husband or my brother (I gave him the choice) so they wouldn’t make him wait outside. Totally convinced we could pull off this lie I confidently approached the counter.

“Marital Status?”

“Single”. Fack. Bad habit. Dan raises an eyebrow at me.

“Well not single….”

“Common Law?”

mmmmmmm “Sure”. Lies.

Then she looks at Daniel “So you have the same address?”

“No I live at….(recites address)”. Busted.

We really need to get our story straight.

Anyway. After a few x-rays and more hours I was happy to find out it wasn’t broken just a bad sprain. So there you have it. That’s how I spent my day. And you know considering the circumstance I actually kind of had fun? I’m a pretty lucky girl I’d say.

 Wheelchair Fun

yup – that’s a black and white photo because it’s the only filter that could make a hike and 3 hours at the hospital look good. the photo was just too good not to share.

When we left the hospital I sent this photo to my mom who said “you two are nuts” and to his mom who replied “are you sure you weren’t visiting the psych ward?” At least they are aligned.

Now… who wants to come over and play? I’m bored!!!!