Le Marche St.George | Vancouver

THIS PLACE IS like a sweet slice of Europe hidden away on one of the most random of corners in Vancouver. In some ways it flies completely under the radar, when brought up in conversation it almost always garners a “oh yah, I’ve heard of that place… been meaning to check it out just never have” kind of response. Dear Vancouver friends, you should probably make your way to Le Marche St George.

 Le Marche St George

Le Marche St George

I enrolled Tiff in a brunch date on Saturday via an Outlook meeting request because that’s how us 24 year olds roll. Seriously, is it sad that I need to book hangouts with friends into my calender so not to forget them? Or does that just make me sound super important and busy… because by “not forget them” I mean forget I had plans and spend the day on my couch instead.

Le Marche St George - Butter Tart

I ordered a latte, Tiff had a london fog and we cheers-ed our massive bowls together to kick off our date. We decided to share a flatbread and a butter tart – neither of which disappointed.

Le Marche St George | flatbread

We spent a long while nestled on a bench by the window enjoying the food, the ambiance and the company. It was exactly the kind of brunch with my bestie that I needed. The one where you can talk about the real things going on and get the best advice and coaching there is out there.

The butter tart didn’t hurt either.