A Year From Now by Kelly Cummings


EIGHT DAYS AGO most of us promised ourselves that “this will be the year”. I wonder how many of us have already succumb to our old habits? Or even completely forgotten the resolutions we just set?

A year from now you’ll wish you’d started today.

This feels so timely to me as I type this.

Today, I am so glad I started a year ago.

I don’t really like talking about this stuff. But it’s the stuff I always like to read so I think it’s time I repay the world with a bit of my own vulnerability. Besides, one week into the new year with people all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed over their resolutions, I hope this helps keep both motivation and spirits high.



These shorts are 3 years old.

Last November they didn’t come to Mexico with me because they didn’t fit.

This past summer I could get into them on days when I was feeling particularly slim (and knew I wouldn’t have to sit down for too long) I know you know what I’m talking about…

I took this photo a few weeks ago when I was trying to pack for Florida.


That moment was pretty much the first time that I noticed for myself that hard work had actually paid off. Other people were telling me but in my eyes I looked and felt pretty much the same.

And I have to say it’s a pretty weird experience to find yourself swimming in your own clothes. To be honest, while my initial reaction was excitement it slowly turned into frustration as I realized my entire summer wardrobe now looked just plain ridiculous on me. Sorta, Charlie Chaplin-esque, ya know? And then of course, I got mad at myself for being frustrated that I’d actually achieved something great. Oh the emotional roller coaster, I tell ya!


In case you were wondering the title of this photo is “gun show”.  Don’t be fooled though, while the hours spent at the gym helped, the filter really helps. Hahaha.

So what’s the secret?

I hate to disappoint but it’s “eat right and work out”. Actually, no. I take that back. Because I’ve always been an active person with a pretty good sense of eating well. It’s more like “eat REALLY right and work out REALLY hard”. Yup that’s more like it*.

So there you have it. Whatever your goals are this year, I hope this post has inspired you to start today.

As for 2014, well to be honest I haven’t really sat down to think about that yet. Maybe I’ll start by adding “stop procrastinating” to my resolutions list. Maybe. Ha!

*I’ve just been inspired to share more about what I’ve learned and found worked well for me. Stay tuned for another post on that…soon.



Goals for Januaury - Resolutions - 2013

OBVIOUSLY I’M A huge fan of long-term goal setting – it’s something that basically comes in your benefits package when you work for lululemon (and is pretty much the whole reason I got a job at lululemon at all). And while I totally thing it’s completely valuable to have a clear idea of where you’re headed (how else do you expect to get to where you want to be?) there is something about setting small, short, mini goals each month that I love. Hey, I’m a bite-size person is it really a wonder why I like bite-sized things?

Anyway, this is a list of what I plan to accomplish this month (and yes I realize I’m a week in). So consider this a mini update! I’ve already enrolled in swimming lessons (I start tomorrow!), I survived my first weekend booze-free and I’m 6 days into the Cooler Plan 1 (which is basically just eating small portions of proteins and complex carbs 6 times a day… hardly a cleanse!).

What do you plan to crush this month?

PS. need help getting started? Check out this awesome blog and workbook by lululemon (shameless plug) to get after it!



new years

With 2013 fast approaching (we’re just 2 days, 1 sparkly dress and a countdown away) resolutions are the talk of the town. While the promise of a new year brings a “blank slate” I can’t help but want to look back to 2012 to remember all the stuff that, well, rocked. Sure there were a few goals unmet, things I said I’d do and didn’t – but all in all 2012 was a damn good year and I’m just not ready to move onwards (and upwards) without paying tribute to all that went down first.

My 2012 highlight reel (in somewhat chronological order)

Visiting Arizona for my birthday with my parents (which included a B-Day dinner at True Food Kitchen – my absolute favourite place on earth).

• A surprise birthday brunch hosted by Tiff with amazing pancakes and amazing people.

• Discovering Truffled Mac ‘n’ Cheese from Society – total life game changer. OH MY GOD.

• When heather came to live with us for the summer! (those 5 months basically need a highlight reel of their own)

• An epic work-related road trip to San Francisco, Tahoe, Bend, Portland and Seattle.

• Running the Vancouver Sun Run 10k

• Speaking at the Ambassador Summit in Whistler

• Playing on a soccer team with friends from work (and winning the championships!)

• When my family came to visit!

• Meat, cheese and bread picnic under the fireworks with Tiff and Heath.

• Learning to play both beach volleyball and softball this summer.

• #Bearminimum camping trip to Tofino – aka the scariest/best thing I ever did.

• Spending the day with Heather in Deep Cove and hiking Quarry Rock.

• Running an effing half marathon!

• Hitting up every night of Celebration of Light in the summer.

• When Vanessa and the Amodeos came to visit me (and spending some QT in Tofino with them too).

• My cousin’s wedding.

• When Mark came to visit me (I really love having visitors. Can you tell?).

• Being able to fly home to Toronto for all the major holidays.

• The first of my friends got engaged this year – whoa!

• Missy Higgins Concert. ‘Nuff said.

• Supporting a few different causes like Toast To The Coast and Imagine1Day

• Starting this blog! WOOHOO!

• a day full of inspiration at TEDxVancouver

• When Bev came to visit (I’m a lucky girl with all these visitors!)

Puerto Vallarta – 7 days of sun-kissed bliss.

• Getting offered a new job/new challenge for the new year.

• Helping said engaged friend go dress shopping #crazy

• Being home for the holidays :) ‘cause that’s always nice!

Can’t wait to see all that 2013 brings – I’ll consider myself pretty lucky if it’s anything like last year.