HIGH 5 FOR FRIDAY // 11.16.12


I APOLOGIZE DEEPLY for not posting a High 5 For Friday post last week but, let’s be serious, we all know what it would have looked like ahem: beach, palm trees, sunset, fancy drink, tanned legs with a pool view in the background. Plus, I think I’ve done enough rubbing it in for now. Anyway this past week has been crazy (to say the very least) so here’s what happened (spoiler alert some big news below!):

1. Not-so-much celebrating that our trip ended but more-so celebrating that I had an awesome time with Tiffer and that it was even more awesome to have Monday off work thus coming home to a 4-day work week. #winning

2. Finally hanging this poster up in my room (after having it in my possession for way too long). I’m loving the gentle daily reminder to ‘be brave’.

3. Coming back into work and being greeted at my desk with a few packages I’d been (im)patiently waiting for. My new simplified planner, a goodie from the conference I’m attending in January and some Instagram cookies I ordered for my coworkers! It felt like Christmas came early!

4. Being officially asked by Vanessa to be her bridesmaid. I said yes – obviously. PS. I can’t believe I’m old enough to be a bridesmaid.

5. As my good friend Sairah so lovingly put it…What do I and Pitbull have in common? We’re So International. Ready? On Wednesday I found out that I’d be taking on a new role with my company helping to support our brand and digital strategy as we grow internationally. It’s all kind of crazy and sudden but I’m really excited about this development opportunity. This little quote (above) sums up the way I feel about it quite nicely. Perhaps giving up blogging by day means I’ll be even more inspired to post more often on this blog :)

Well friends – that’s me. What was the best part of your week?



Paper Products by Olive Box

I’VE BEEN FOLLOWING  a few of these mail-to-your-house-themed-packages for awhile now but so far have been keeping my distance (which my bank account is happy about). To my knowledge the concept was made popular by the cosmetic industry with such endeavours like Loose Button and Glymm but has since extended itself to a variety of consumer markets.

Recently I discovered Olive Box. Which, I must say, has been the most tempting one of them all as I’m a sucker for paper products. “Olive scours the market and picks the best of the best creative paper products to include in your monthly delivery.” Posters, prints, cards and postcards – paper can be so beautifully designed and provide me with oodles of inspiration – I can justify it as an investment in my creativity right?

On top of this I don’t hate getting mail (it’s like a surprise present to yourself every month!)  and I love love love sending it.  Getting mail + receiving amazing paper products + sending amazing paper products back out to friends/family = a happy me. I’m going to keep my distance a little longer but this could be a really great Christmas present (that just keeps giving) AHEM. Just saying.