piccolo design co. | freelance designer in Vancouver, BC

YOU MAY OR may not have noticed I added a little something to the main navigation of my site. I’ll be the first to admit, it’s a total tease because it takes you over to a very blank splash page with a very vague “coming soon”.

I need to stop saying I’m “unemployed”. I like to laugh about it and it’s kind of been a fun descriptor to try on for a little while (I’ve pretty well had a job since I was 16) but I actually still spend the better part of monday – friday / 9-5 ‘working’ and it’s time I actually give myself a bit of credit for it.

The hardest part about being in “the place I’m in” is when people ask me “what do you do?”. I freeze up and scramble for a response. But now I’m ready to own this one.

I’m a freelancer. I design brand identities and strategies (for now) + misc. projects that I just want to take on cause they seem fun. Not a bad life eh?

So, why piccolo design co.?

1 // pi • cco • lo [noun] small (in italian). kind of describes me perfectly.

2 // I wanted something that would feel consistent with LITTLE LESSY so that I could integrate the two brands seamlessly.

3 // c’ommon it’s catchy!

4 // my paper/stationary goals will come into fruition under the name piccolo paper which will (obviously) be a sub-brand of piccolo design co.

5 // my long term goals (10 years) is to be a full service design house that works exclusively with small local businesses to develop unique brand experiences (think everything from logos to business cards to the tile on the floor of the shop).


Here’s a quick peak at the branding. It’ll probably be a while before I have a chance to design my website and what not so hopefully this will cure your curiosity for now.

You should also know that I know nothing about setting up a business so this whole journey is going to be good experience. Right now I’m relying on Creative, Inc. for info (also trying to figure out how I can write off purchasing that book as a business expense. Ha!). Rates, invoices, project management. It’s not an easy feat but I know it’ll be so rewarding in the end.

So there you have it. The long winded answer to the “what are you up to” question ya’ll have been asking.