HipHip Hooray


IT’S CLOSING DAY! It’s closing day! That house (this one) is officially mine today which is beyond absurd. I can’t believe I’m a home owner.

I’m currently living in a sea of cardboard so I’m pretty stoked to get this show on the road. Moving has got to be the worst activity in the world. It’ll be nice to have cooking utensils again. I had the foresight to keep a set of flatware, a plate and a bowl out but only realized a spatula (among other things) might be helpful after I’d poured a pancake onto the grill. I nailed the first pan-flip but I think it went to my head (I may have brushed my shoulders off even though no one was looking). The rest of the jacks turned into something more of a mush. Still delish though – have you tried this recipe yet?

The only thing I do love about living in a packed up place is that it can sometimes feel like camping. I flipped my bed around to the other wall for basically no reason and the new perspective is kind of fun!


The other day I stumbled across this seriously timely article and it (obviously) resonated. About 4 years ago when I wrote my very first set of goals I declared that I wanted to buy a house (with my supposed fiance) in 2016. About 2 years ago I scrapped it because I didn’t think it would be possible financially or romantically. [NOTE: This is exactly what you’re NOT supposed to do with your goals. Bad, Allessia, Bad.] Regardless, here I am picking up the keys to my place and hey, I did it 2 years sooner and without a ring on my finger. I wonder if at the time I just thought it wasn’t something I could do on my own or if I just liked the idea of doing it with someone?

Now, I don’t want to get all “The Secret” and preachy on you but time and time again the power of goal-setting has proved itself to me and it just feels wrong and stingy to not scream it from the rooftops. Just go write down some goals, would-ya?

Okay – lecture over.

I’m going to post some photos of the house soon but the next few weeks are going to be INSANE. Also I warned you about the 80s kitchen right? OK, awesome – just wanted to make sure we were clear.




IT ISN’T EVER until you have to pack it all up in boxes that you realize how much stuff you actually have. Considering I only moved to Vancouver 2 years ago, where I participated in a pretty serious life purge, it’s kind of unbelievable how much stuff I have accumulated once again.

Collect moments not things.

A solid reminder for those of us with hoarder tendencies. What’s that? Nooooo I don’t have a box full of things from my last relationship (5 years ago) that I’ve been moving around with me…

PS. My closet purge is complete – and that was pretty major.




closet - clothes purge

SATURDAY WAS AN absolutely beautiful day here in Vancouver – and let me tell you in the winter they are few and far between – and I spent the whole damn sun-shining time cleaning out my closet. Poor planning yes. But at some point, a week or so ago, I declared Saturday March 9th my designated closet purge day (as per my March goals) and I woke up ready to tackle the beast. I just knew if I put it off (even for a little hit of Vitamin D) the motivation would not come back to me for a very very long time. So I went for it. And purge I did. At some point I contemplated just getting rid of everything – what does that say about me? Perhaps just that I like the easy way out…

What the picture doesn’t depict is the other half of the closet (which is where all stuff that made the cut into the second round of my life currently resides). But for context – I used to struggle to find a free hanger every time I did laundry… doesn’t look like I’ll have that problem again for a while.

And as you may or may not have cared to notice – I didn’t touch the little drawer thinger… And yes that top one is stocked full of sports bras which is one of the best (but actually worst $$$) things about working for an athletic apparel company.

And I also should add that I’m super into the fact that my move coincides perfectly with “spring cleaning”. Something just feels so right about that.

Now, for the rest of the apartment…