SORRY ONTARIO, VANCOUVER takes the cake on this one too. Thank goodness for a long weekend in November. Yes, I’m 100% relishing in the fact that I’m writing this in my pajamas at 11:00AM on a Monday, while all my friends and family back home are working. Ha!

Sometimes long weekends come with pressure to do something epic. I recognized that what I really needed was some low-key quiet time to truly relax. I spent most of the weekend on my own, in my apartment, with this playlist filling the silence. There was something perfect about the stillness.

I did, however, have one epic adventure planned but it unfortunately fell through. A few of my other transplant friends and I thought we’d hit the Garibaldi Lake trails today but as it turns out it’s rather snowy up there and hiking boots are a must. Not surprisingly the Toronto-er, Boston-er and Ottawa-er don’t own such. I’m trying not to mind though. You can never have too much down time right? Here’s what else I got up to this weekend:
Avo on Toast at Nelson

↑ // Avo on toast with the lovely Angela – we’ve been trying to get together for a coffee for forever now so I’m so glad it finally happened!


↑ // I was inspired by this post by Kendra to get creative with some florals this weekend. More deats on the blog tomorrow! Ps. I’m currently obsessed with these little Eucalyptus stems.


↑ // I decided I’m the easiest girl to please because you don’t even have to buy me flowers… just sticks. So…who wants to date me?!


↑ // Spent some time planning out my workouts and meal plan for the week ahead. Remember how I mentioned Move-emeber? Ya, I’m taking it pretty seriously.


↑ // Which also means I’m giving up dairy. So this is me learning to enjoy my coffee sans cream.

What did you do this weekend?



HERE’S THE THING about Vancouver. It’s coffeehouse scene (much like it’s sushi scene) is totally out of this world. And since I’ve decided that my favourite thing to do on the weekend is to sit with a hot cuppa and work/set goals/people-watch/catch up with a friend, I’m officially on the hunt for Vancouver’s best cafe. So, here’s to the first installment of a new series… Bean There. Loved It A Latte.

Coffee Shops Vancouver

Best Coffee in Vancouver - Nelson The Seagull - Gastown

Nestled on Carrall street in Gastown, Nelson The Seagull is tried and true as far as cool coffee shops in Vancouver go. I’m probably partial to the space because the aesthetic/decor completely tickles my fancy but I assure you it’s more than just a pretty face – the coffee is badass too.

DRINK: A latte
EAT: Avacado on toast (their bread is house made and to die for)
COME HERE IF: You have a bruised ego and want to feel like you’re cool again
CHECK OUT: $25 yoga class + dinner every Monday and Wednesday
GOOD SPACE FOR: Catching up with friends or getting work done (free wifi)
PRO TIP: Leave a little love note for a stranger in the chest of drawers

Wanna grab a cup with me one day? I’d love to!