PlaidFox Sheepskin Area rug


TO SAY THE weather’s been unpredictable in Vancouver this September would be an understatement. Early mornings feel perfectly fall complete with Pumpkin Chai cravings and the first sightings of your breath. By 1 o’clock we’ve got a heat that could rival that of a mid-summer day. It makes getting dressed impossible and throws my fall nesting rituals completely out of whack. I wake up wanting to toss veggie chili into the slow cooker but by dinner I’m whipping up what one can only imagine will be the.last.summer.salad. Again.

Now don’t get me wrong – as long as it’s not raining I don’t really care if it’s hot or cold. But Fall happens to be my favourite time of year and this Sepetember has been a total tease.

Nonetheless, I’m in total hibernation preparation mode and am looking for ways to make my humble abode the perfect sanctuary to will the winter months away. A few weeks ago, I was warned by a previous tenant of my house (who popped by looking for old mail), that I should probably prepare for a sky-rocketing hydro bill since this place, apparently, gets mega cold. Awesome. I may have scolded Daniel the other day for merely suggesting I turn on the heat while tossing blankets and sweatshirts his way. “Turn on the heat? It’s only September. I won’t do it. I’m not made of money you know? Here put this on.” Guests – don’t be alarmed if I offer you a hat and mitts upon visiting. Okay I’m exaggerating (but not really).

The worst part, in my opinion, about winter is having to get out of bed in the morning. You know, that moment when you have to break the duvet incubator and the cold air rushes in. WORST. I’m trying to imagine a worse feeling and I can’t. Okay I’m exaggerating again. But it really does suck.

PlaidFox Sheepskin Runner


Last week, just as I was being reminded of what a cold morning felt like, my house got to play dress up with some new products that hit the PlaidFox site. We shot this beautiful Sheepskin runner along side my bed and I decided that the only thing that would make the brutality of getting out of bed on a December morning less terrible – is the prospect of sinking my toes into one of these, first. Does wanting a sheepskin make me a bad person? Tell me no! Besides I’d be bringing home good company for the one I already have… okay bad joke.

PlaidFox Sheepskin rug


But in all seriousness these throws and rugs are authentic and come from Auckland and they feel as beautiful (or better) than they look. In fact, as someone who previously owned an Ikea sheepskin, I have to say that for not a lot more they are much higher in quality.

I not-so-secretly hoped I could keep it after the photoshoot but no dice. It’s a purchase I’ll be making for sure.



Home Decor | House Inspiration

ARGUABLY THE BEST part about a new place is getting to decorate. Or at least dream about decorating because lets be serious buying a house and moving leaves little money left for the pretty stuff.

I get really overwhelmed at the thought of filling a space and trying to decide what “style” I want it to be. I feel like my taste is always evolving and if I had to pin-point it in one aesthetic I’m not actually sure I could.

So when it came time to start thinking about decorating my new place I turned to the one source I knew couldn’t let me down. All hail the Pinterest Gods. Even if I can’t articulate my look I can certainly find a myriad of photos that make my heart flutter.

I tried to be as unfiltered as possible pinning anything that made me intrigued and excited until I started to notice themes occurring. Then I went through all the pictures I pinned and started curating it with a little more intention. I looked for images that not only did I love, but I felt worked seamlessly together in the grand scheme of a house. Eventually I landed with that collage above.

My mom laughs at me because when it comes to home decor I change my mind faster than I turn over my wardrobe. Exhibit A: my bed saga of 2011. When I moved here 4 years ago I accidentally purchased a queen-sized headboard for my double-sized mattress. In a cruel game of this or that the headboard won and I was soon shopping for a new mattress and box spring combo. “Because I LOVE the headboard. So much. And I’ll have it forever!”.

Needless to say I recently sold said headboard because in typical Allessia fashion I’d moved on to something else. (The old one had no place in my Pinterest vision). But that’s the thing, both good and bad about our modern culture. With sites like Craigslist, buying and selling your stuff has never been easier. Buying furniture (especially) just doesn’t feel like all that big of a commitment anymore because you know that someone else will happily take it off your hands whenever you’re ready for something else. And it’s hard to feel guilty about it when you know those pieces are being recycled into good homes rather than just landing at the dump!



Ferm Living Decor

Ferm Living Decor

Ferm Living Decor

Ferm Living Decor

SOMETIMES THERE IS a very fine line between lucky and damned. For me that line is blurry when it comes to 1. simply discovering Ferm Living because I’m oh-so obsessed with all their products and 2. The part where these Danish goods are sold at a store that’s literally a block from my apartment, inevitably tempting me every time I walk passed. And by “walk passed” I really mean “go in” because this store is along my direct line to the real world and I almost never make it by without stopping in. Guilty as charged.

For a long time I was never able to define my home aesthetic (new 2014 goal: learn how to spell aesthetic without auto-correct. Sheesh!). I wondered how I’d ever commit to decorating a real live grown up house because my taste was always changing and evolving. In the last year or so I really honed in what I like and I think I’ve finally settled on a style that’s right for me. It’s definitely mid-century charm meets scandinavian simplicity. Big white empty spaces filled with unique little pieces that add character. I love the playfulness that Ferm Living can add to an otherwise basic and neutral room. Now if only I had all the money in the world… muahahaha.