HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY // 08.01.2013

AUG 1 - H5FF

OH TORONTO. YOU’RE fun and exhausting all at the same time. I’ve been home for a week visiting family and friends and it’s been buuuuuuuuuusssssssy. Vacation? HA! You can’t hear me but I just scoffed at you. Pretty much every day has been the best day so let me start with these 5 and then I’ll add on a few bonus rounds too. Imma break all the rulez (note: it’s late, and I get weird when it’s late).

1. The main reason I’m even home. This girl. Vanessa’s bachelorette party was perfectly pinteresting and fun. Seriously it’s the closest thing I’ve come to literally living inside one of my pin boards. It was a lovely cottage-esque night up in Prince Edward County and it couldn’t have been more perfect for her. I still can’t believe she’ll be a Mrs tomorrow. Whoa!

2. A lazy Sunday spent in Trinity Bellwoods park with two of my closest Toronto friends. There was ice-cream, there was a sad attempt at slack-lining, there were strangers met and there was a whole lotta Charlie-gazing. It was rad.

3. Hitting some balls and catching up with Kevo. Always a pleasure. Note-to-self: work on your game, girl.

4. Mmmmm. Dark Horse coffee. And post-wedding I’m going back for a muffin for sure.

5. Lunch date with this girl. I can’t believe I haven’t seen her since I moved! It’s the best when you have people in your life who you can always pick up right where you left off, with.


6. My friends, Natalie and Nick, got hitched! And they filmed, cut, edited and premiered this music video all the day of! Such a fun idea!

7. Dinner with my family at Woodlot – which I already told you about.

8. A BBQ on my parent’s patio featuring special guests, Aunt Liana and Uncle Frank – who literally came out of the woodwork for me ;).

9. A super sweaty Power Yoga Jam class. Hot Yoga to top 40s? I like it.

All that in just 1 week. Now do you understand why I’m exhausted?! ps. the best way to keep tabs on my travels is through Instagram, obvi!


HIGH 5 FOR FRIDAY // 04.19.2013

high-five for friday - TGIFHAVE I MENTIONED that life has been crazy? Like whoa. I have a lot of really exciting (and high-five worthy) things going on these days but boy does it really tucker you out. I just realized as I was putting together this post that it’s been over a month since my last H5FF! Not acceptable friends. I’ll do better. For now, here’s what made this week #awesome:

1. I MOVED! (okay I promise this is the last time I will tell you that I have moved) But it was a big deal. And more important than the moving was realizing the incredible support I have from my friends here in Van. I actually cannot even begin to repay all the peeps who played a part in making my move manageable. From physical man power (check out those guns above) to lending me dollies/trucks to baking moving muffins I am so so so so so grateful to have such awesome people in my life. photo credit: @alexisfinlay via @michelinateti

2. Extremely well-deserved (and most def not on the crazy sexy cleanse) post-move celebratory margaritas. We carried a box-spring up 5 flights of stairs. This was necessary.

3. New view on my walk to work. Need I say more?

4. My volleyball team is way more fun than your volleyball team. So excited that the season has kicked off and that I have a great group of people to enjoy the beach with. photo credit: @tifffanyandco

5. Did I mention the whirlwind I’ve been in? Last night I managed to find one hour to sit on my couch (for the first time since it arrived on Monday) and watch last weeks episode of Mad Men. I needed this down-town real bad.

Whatchya got planned for the weekend?



HIGH 5 FOR FRIDAY // 03.08.2013


SO ON WEDNESDAY  I said to someone “OMG, this week has been crazy – I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday”. And that pretty much sums up the kind of week it’s been.

But other than the crazy, there have been some seriously high-five worthy moments…

1. Sunday was the most glorious day. I spent it roaming around the West End uncovering the cutest buildings I ever did see and willing them to have vacant 1 bedroom apartments. Lucky for me, I not only had a green tea latte in hand but also a good friend, Michelina, at my side. BTW I now officially define good friends as ones who are willing to give up their Sunday to aimlessly walk around and stare at buildings with you.

2. Have I mentioned how much I love BelCafe? Cause I do. And I can’t help but not get a coffee every time I walk past it. Which means I’m extremely caffeinated whenever I run errands up and down West Georgia. And on this particular day I went twice. For serious. And it was awesome.

3. Michael and Zoe are back in town! Which is the best! They’ve been away in NZ for the last 3 months so catching up with them over lunch was such a treat. It’s pretty awesome to have a friend who was also once your manager and can dish out really good career – and other for that matter – advice as well as serve as a legitimate reference when applying for apartments. Obviously I’m talking about Michael – whom I cropped out of this photo because I just couldn’t part with that face and chubby little hand. Sidenote: Miro, I know you’re cringing at my punctuation right now!

4. Just getting mail period is such a delight but even more so when it comes from your bestie back home and also includes a handmade scarf. Thanks Vanessa!

5. The hunt is over … I officially have a new home! I probably won’t move in until mid-April but it is such a relief to not have to think about it anymore (except that now all I’m thinking about is packing and moving and painting oh my!).

Have a happy weekend! Any big plans?!