Kinfolk Dinner 2014

I AM SO thrilled and honoured and excited to announce (if you hadn’t already heard) that I’ll be co-hosting the upcoming Kinfolk Dinner here in Vancouver. I am even more over the moon about the fact that the event sold out before I had a chance to share the news with ya’ll. (For some reason I feel like I can get away with typing ya’ll just not saying it).

In January, when I was re-writing my goals I put Kinfolk Magazine into them. First as a 3 year goal… than a 5… then I just took it off completely because I was like “that’s never gonna happen”. Sometimes I have the worst attitude. WARNING: do not set goals how I mentioned above. It’s the very wrong way to go about it.

Anyway, here I am, gearing up to co-host this October 11th event with the lovely ladies of Victory Gardens and I’m kind of like, pinch me.

I love the theme for this series – Wabi Sabi – an old Japanese concept that celebrates beauty in imperfection. Actually, Wabi-Sabi was one of the first theories I learned in Art School and when I heard the theme I was sort of like “fudge… I wish I had paid more attention to that”. It’s actually a really cool idea but my 18-year old self just couldn’t appreciate it at the time. I think in the age of instagram, pinterest and perfectly styled everything, this is a very welcomed and refreshing theme. We’ve had a lot of fun putting our wabi-sabi hats on working on bringing it to life in all the details.

So far though, the best part of planning this dinner, other than the fact that it’s freaking KINFOLK! Is that it’s allowed me to connect with so many amazing local businesses and collaborate in ways I never imagined possible. I just love small local businesses. People who – against all odds – followed there hearts and just did it. I find them so inspiring. I’m the person who will walk into a shop, chat with the shop owner, get their life story and then buy something I don’t even need just because I want them to make money. It’s my very expensive version of a high-five.

Check out the list of our awesome partners here and if you snagged a ticket, start getting excited about how rad this is going to be. I don’t want to give away how everyone is contributing yet but believe me it’s going to be sweet.

I also need to make a very public shout-out to the lady who’s keeping me sane right now, none other than my bestie, Tiff. As soon as I got the call I enrolled her because I knew she’d just help me take the whole thing to the next level.

Wish me luck folks! The countdown is on. And of course I’ll be recapping it all on here… at some point… when I have time. Le sigh.



IT’S BEEN AWHILE since I’ve looked at my goals and it’s been even longer since I’ve set some.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve sat down to go through it but I just kept getting side-tracked and to the bottom of the priority list my goal-setting would fall. I meant to do it in January because well, that just made sense. A fresh perspective and a fresh start. Besides I was already doing a lot of re-evaluating at that time.

I won’t lie, I think a part of me was in mega-avoidance mode because I knew that a bunch of the goals I’d set last July would now be completely irreverent. Was it failure? No – just a change of heart, I know that, but facing it (not to mention going through the daunting and vulnerable task of declaring what was next) made me not want anything to do with it for awhile.

When I finally took a look I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only had I accomplished a lot more than I’d thought, I’d even crossed off goals years earlier than I’d expected. These are the goals I set in July of 2013:

My 2014 Goals

Not all these goals happened exactly as I planned (and some not at all) but I still feel really complete with them which, in my opinion, is what really matters. For example – I didn’t throw an epic champagne birthday party for myself (at least not the one I’d envisioned) but I had a really great birthday and learned the value of letting go of certain expectations. I managed to make huge strides with my health goals, travelled to Hawaii (with family, not friends… although I did meet my boyfriend there so there’s that), and LITTLE LESSY and my apartment were featured on The EveryGirl last month. Possibly the most exciting accomplishments were taking an entrepreneurial leap-of-faith a year earlier than planned and being paid to style my first event (by lululemon no less).

So, now what?

Well, after re-reading my goals from last year and realizing how much progress I’d made (and how many of them were no longer goals of mine) it was definitely time to re-evaluate.

The timing couldn’t be better because these days I have something like 4 jobs that seem somewhat unconnected. It feels a bit like I do everything and nothing. I experience the ups and downs of that inconsistency every single day. As I wait for certain things to pick up and shift I’m hanging on for dear life trying to remind myself that this is all leading somewhere. The best way to really convince yourself that that is true, is to write it all down in chronological order.

So, I’m re-focused and certainly re-inspired! Head on over here to read my new set of goals fresh off the press! I am so ready to make shit happen.




TRUE. SOMEHOW (LIKELY) by the calender days passing, it became May. If you’ve been hanging around my corner of the internet for a year now, you’ll remember the little 31 day running challenge I embarked on, aptly (and cleverly, if I do say so myself) named, Mile A Day May.

I was toying around with the idea of partaking in the challenge again this year. At first it was a no-brainer but as the start date got closer I kind of (maybe sorta on purpose) forgot.

Last year, the challenge was really about forcing me to be active every day. I’m happy to report that since then I’ve managed to maintain my activity levels, sweating roughly 5-6 times a week. Part of me thought… I don’t really need “Mile A Day May” this year because I’m already working out.

A month ago I made the wrong (or right, depending on how you look at it) decision of enrolling my boyfriend in the challenge and as May 1st approached was kind of hoping he’d forgot.

Low and behold first text I get from him today “MILE A DAY MAY!”.

Well, shit.

So here we are. May 1st. And since I didn’t give any of you fair warning, I’m doling out “get out of jail free” cards for the day. Sooooo are you in?!

The concept is simple. You run (at least) one mile every day this month. That’s pretty much just 10 minutes out of your day so really you have no reason not to :). And don’t forget to share your running adventures on twitter and instagram with #mileadaymay!

PS. I technically ran a mile on a treadmill this morning in the form of 3 3-minute sprints. I think it totally counts and I’m the one making up the rules here. So there.

PSS. Here’s what the challenge taught me last year.