HERE’S THE THING about Vancouver. It’s coffeehouse scene (much like it’s sushi scene) is totally out of this world. And since I’ve decided that my favourite thing to do on the weekend is to sit with a hot cuppa and work/set goals/people-watch/catch up with a friend, I’m officially on the hunt for Vancouver’s best cafe. So, here’s to the first installment of a new series… Bean There. Loved It A Latte.

Coffee Shops Vancouver

Best Coffee in Vancouver - Nelson The Seagull - Gastown

Nestled on Carrall street in Gastown, Nelson The Seagull is tried and true as far as cool coffee shops in Vancouver go. I’m probably partial to the space because the aesthetic/decor completely tickles my fancy but I assure you it’s more than just a pretty face – the coffee is badass too.

DRINK: A latte
EAT: Avacado on toast (their bread is house made and to die for)
COME HERE IF: You have a bruised ego and want to feel like you’re cool again
CHECK OUT: $25 yoga class + dinner every Monday and Wednesday
GOOD SPACE FOR: Catching up with friends or getting work done (free wifi)
PRO TIP: Leave a little love note for a stranger in the chest of drawers

Wanna grab a cup with me one day? I’d love to!


HIGH 5 FOR FRIDAY // 03.01.2013

High Five For Friday

FIRST OFF – I’m so excited to present to you my new High 5 For Friday layout. I did it up a few weeks ago and then sort of dropped the ball on posting (sorry!). I’m actually so amped about it that just sharing it could have be a highlight for this week all on its on #nerdalert. Okay – I’ll cut to the chase now… here are my highlights from the week. Be warned – it’s got birthday written alllllll over it.

1. I’ve always wanted a giant round balloon. And now I’ve got one. And by the looks of it i’ll have one for awhile… he’s still pretty freaking perky.

2. A very hungover eggs benny date with Tiffany. Someone recommended the benny from West (claimed they were the best in the city) so naturally we had to find out for ourselves. Alls I’ve got to say is they are pretty damn good. PS. total gap in the market? Brunch delivery. Seriously. It’s brilliant. Anyone want to go into business with me?

3. Cupcakes from coworkers. I was so close to making it out of my birthday without being sung to until my team crashed one of my meetings with these puppies and their singing voices. Nonetheless I appreciated the love. I have the best people in my life.

4. Birthday dinner with Tiff. We hit up the new Port Side Pub in Gastown for some pulled pork before finishing off the night on the Keg patio with a big fat slice of Billy Miner Pie (the only way to truly ring in a new birth year). There were also birthday vodka shots involved. It was a Monday night. It got weird. PS. see points 2-4 to truly understand at what capacity I failed at eating clean this month.

5. I viewed an apartment on Wednesday that I’m in looooooove with so that tiled floor could be my new view. I’m hoping something in the building becomes available just before my current lease is up (May). Fingers crossed for me folks – if I get it I promise to have you over for tea (or the likes).

What got your heart smiling this week? Hit me with it!