Fort Myers Fashion Files

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FLORAL SHORTS, STRIPED chambray and a straw hat just feels Florida, don’t it? I’m headed to the land of shuffleboard tomorrow (Fort Myers) with my grandma for what’ll surely be a wild vacation. Hahaha.

Unfortunately my pack job hardly reflects this beach number. I think I packed a total of 4 things to cycle through for three weeks. In an effort to challenge my over-packing tendencies I was erroring on the side of ‘less’ but I think I might have error-ed a bit too far. Oh well, who am I really trying to impress here anyway? Besides, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if I had to buy a few new things now would it?!

PST. I couldn’t find the source of image one so if you happen to know who owns it please let me know so I can credit accordingly.



Wear Where Kelowna | LITTLE LESSY

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ARE YOU THE kind of dresser that has a distinct style you stick to strictly? Or do you let your surroundings and whereabouts influence your outfit? I’m definitely the latter… which is kind of why I’m in love with this idea of “wear/where”.

I’m headed to Kelowna (aka BC wine country) this weekend with my parents and I’m coveting this look. Neutral greys, plaid scarf and a puffy vest? I dig it. It’s casual enough for farmland and vineyards but chic enough for wine-tasting and restos.

And on that note, if you happen to have any recommendations for Kelowna must-see’s… my parents and I are accepting all and any suggestions!



trend alert - 2012- leather sleeves

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IN MY HUMBLE opinion (which really is just an opinion since I’m no authority on the matter) it’s all in the (leather) details right now. I’m lusting after the perfect leather-sleeved tee and I’ve got my eyes set on the V-Neck from Zara.

ps. can we look past the fact the the images are pixelated just this one time? I’m tired!