rainy day eats

IT WAS A Pho and rain kind of night last night. No, Pho isn’t on the detox I put myself on this week to recover from the weekend but you know what, sometimes you just need to give in to the cold, wet and darkness – sometimes you just need to give in to the pho. And I sat at my table by myself and ate and watched the rain drops bead off my window and it was equal parts depressing and happy.

And whoa. I’m just going to go ahead and say the thing that everyone is thinking but no one is willing to admit out loud. I’m kinda pumped for fall. I’m excited to not have to feel guilty about being indoors. I’m ready to embrace it. And I’m really ready for pumpkin flavoured everything.

I’ve already got a very introspective weekend of DIYs, reading and watching TV planned for myself. Who’s with me?



Fall - Natural Art - Maple Leafs

IT IS NO DOUBT that the weather is the topic of conversation right now. From an earthquake in BC (Saturday night) to the horrifying onslaught of hurricane Sandy – I’m just gunna go ahead and say what everyone is thinking – W.T.F (and please stay safe).

As I was walking home from work trying to digest what the heck was going on (I was getting updates from friends and family back in Toronto, New York and New Jersey) I found myself looking up towards my own sky. Sunshine. Seriously? Sunshine. How is it that even possible? In Vancouver, Canada’s rainiest city, we have sunshine. And I kind of feel guilty about it.

While counting this blessing (and I truly do consider it a blessing for varying reasons) my eyes were drawn to something particularly beautiful (more so than a blue sky) – something that I must have stood under 50 times and just never noticed. This perfect artful accident where a glass awning and overhang of a glass bus shelter roof, overlapped in such a way that it caught all the fallen leaves from a nearby tree. Seriously. Beautiful.

I’m not sure that these two things are connected – other than for the fact that I was thinking about the weather when I stumbled across what I’ve aptly named “artfully fallen”. And I’m certainly not trying to make light of the situation on the east – believe you me I’m horrified for everyone. But I just couldn’t help but share a bright spot in my day and I hope it feels like a bright spot for you too.



Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

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I CANNOT BELIEVE that Thanksgiving is already next weekend (well at least for us Canadian Folks). It is hard to believe that it was a whole year ago that I was visiting home for the holiday for the first time since moving away.

I am even more excited to have made the decision to extend my long weekend by two days so that  I can kick back at home just a little longer – and help my momma prepare our Thanksgiving feast! My mom and I are quite different in the kitchen – I tend to be a little too daring (taking on too much at once). My mom is organized, planned and doesn’t take as many risks – which on a day like Thanksgiving – is a good thing because you can be confident that you’ll be eating something delicious that night. I picked out a few recipes that looked mouth-watering to me, we’ll see if my mom agrees and how many of them she’ll let me take on. I feel like a post-dinner update is a must!

Happy Thanksgiving folks!

Ps. For a glimpse of what thanksgiving at my place might be like read this post that I wrote a few years back.