Coffee Shops - Vancouver - Cyling

Vancouver Coffee Shops - Musette Caffe - Cycling

YOU KNOW HOW sometimes places try too hard to be something cool and trendy but fall flat when it comes to actually knowing their niche? (psst…dead giveaway if the joint is full of hipsters). Musette Caffe is anything but that kind of place. They are as authentically cycle-savvy as they are coffee connoisseurs. And when I say authentic I mean it. Despite being in – quite possibly – the world’s most awkward location, the place is bumpin’. And bumpin’ with cyclists to boot. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was the only person there who wasn’t wearing a kit and hadn’t just finished a 75km ride (I was however on my way to the pool so don’t judge). And sure, I felt a little out of place but they do a decent job of making everyone feel welcome (hey now, I have a cruiser bike you know…) and that little ounce of feeling out of place is every bit worth the ricotta, pistachio and honey snack. Trust me.

DRINK: A latte (but let’s be serious I’ll rarely suggest anything else)
EAT: Ricotta and honey on toast. It tastes just like my nonna’s house – which is the best – in case you didn’t know
COME HERE IF: You are an avid cyclist / you enjoy gawking at cyclists / you want to meet fellow cyclists
CHECK OUT: Group ride! Can you say bike gang?
GOOD SPACE FOR: Watching the Tour De France.
PRO TIP: Feel free to bring your most badass ride. There’s ample bike parking outside (with complimentary locks) or you can bring your bike right inside too!