IF YOU TOLD me a year ago that by this time this year I’d have a summer’s worth of experience styling weddings (learning from the very talented, Ashley Bond of Spread Love Events) and 3 solo events tucked safely under my belt (and into my portfolio), I’d of told you you were nuts. But. Here we are. It’s been almost a full year since I made the decision to leave my full-time job at lululemon and I am so glad that I took a leap of faith to pursue my other dreams. Now in a very “full-circle” way, I’m back over on the the lululemon blog sharing 9 stress-free holiday table-setting tips.

Piccolo Design Co. styling

Event design and styling was always sort of that thing in the back of my mind that I wanted to do but held myself back because I thought I didn’t have the proper experience to actually do it. Graphic design and branding, that was safe and I have the piece of paper to back it but events was this scary unknown – I had an inkling that I might be kind of okay at it but I didn’t really know where to begin.

Fortunately, sometimes being passionate about something (and having a great mentor) is all you really need. It also helps to have a network of people who believe in you more than you do. I am very lucky because I have a lot of those people constantly cheering me on and enrolling me in opportunities.


When my old team mates from lululemon called  me up to style the table for this photoshoot I just about died. It felt so good to be back with the people I loved but this time doing something I love.

Make sure to head on over to their blog  for more pictures and the details on how to pull together this table just in time for the holidays!

[all images c/o lululemon]



Kinfolk Dinner 2014

I AM SO thrilled and honoured and excited to announce (if you hadn’t already heard) that I’ll be co-hosting the upcoming Kinfolk Dinner here in Vancouver. I am even more over the moon about the fact that the event sold out before I had a chance to share the news with ya’ll. (For some reason I feel like I can get away with typing ya’ll just not saying it).

In January, when I was re-writing my goals I put Kinfolk Magazine into them. First as a 3 year goal… than a 5… then I just took it off completely because I was like “that’s never gonna happen”. Sometimes I have the worst attitude. WARNING: do not set goals how I mentioned above. It’s the very wrong way to go about it.

Anyway, here I am, gearing up to co-host this October 11th event with the lovely ladies of Victory Gardens and I’m kind of like, pinch me.

I love the theme for this series – Wabi Sabi – an old Japanese concept that celebrates beauty in imperfection. Actually, Wabi-Sabi was one of the first theories I learned in Art School and when I heard the theme I was sort of like “fudge… I wish I had paid more attention to that”. It’s actually a really cool idea but my 18-year old self just couldn’t appreciate it at the time. I think in the age of instagram, pinterest and perfectly styled everything, this is a very welcomed and refreshing theme. We’ve had a lot of fun putting our wabi-sabi hats on working on bringing it to life in all the details.

So far though, the best part of planning this dinner, other than the fact that it’s freaking KINFOLK! Is that it’s allowed me to connect with so many amazing local businesses and collaborate in ways I never imagined possible. I just love small local businesses. People who – against all odds – followed there hearts and just did it. I find them so inspiring. I’m the person who will walk into a shop, chat with the shop owner, get their life story and then buy something I don’t even need just because I want them to make money. It’s my very expensive version of a high-five.

Check out the list of our awesome partners here and if you snagged a ticket, start getting excited about how rad this is going to be. I don’t want to give away how everyone is contributing yet but believe me it’s going to be sweet.

I also need to make a very public shout-out to the lady who’s keeping me sane right now, none other than my bestie, Tiff. As soon as I got the call I enrolled her because I knew she’d just help me take the whole thing to the next level.

Wish me luck folks! The countdown is on. And of course I’ll be recapping it all on here… at some point… when I have time. Le sigh.



HipHip Hooray


IT’S CLOSING DAY! It’s closing day! That house (this one) is officially mine today which is beyond absurd. I can’t believe I’m a home owner.

I’m currently living in a sea of cardboard so I’m pretty stoked to get this show on the road. Moving has got to be the worst activity in the world. It’ll be nice to have cooking utensils again. I had the foresight to keep a set of flatware, a plate and a bowl out but only realized a spatula (among other things) might be helpful after I’d poured a pancake onto the grill. I nailed the first pan-flip but I think it went to my head (I may have brushed my shoulders off even though no one was looking). The rest of the jacks turned into something more of a mush. Still delish though – have you tried this recipe yet?

The only thing I do love about living in a packed up place is that it can sometimes feel like camping. I flipped my bed around to the other wall for basically no reason and the new perspective is kind of fun!


The other day I stumbled across this seriously timely article and it (obviously) resonated. About 4 years ago when I wrote my very first set of goals I declared that I wanted to buy a house (with my supposed fiance) in 2016. About 2 years ago I scrapped it because I didn’t think it would be possible financially or romantically. [NOTE: This is exactly what you’re NOT supposed to do with your goals. Bad, Allessia, Bad.] Regardless, here I am picking up the keys to my place and hey, I did it 2 years sooner and without a ring on my finger. I wonder if at the time I just thought it wasn’t something I could do on my own or if I just liked the idea of doing it with someone?

Now, I don’t want to get all “The Secret” and preachy on you but time and time again the power of goal-setting has proved itself to me and it just feels wrong and stingy to not scream it from the rooftops. Just go write down some goals, would-ya?

Okay – lecture over.

I’m going to post some photos of the house soon but the next few weeks are going to be INSANE. Also I warned you about the 80s kitchen right? OK, awesome – just wanted to make sure we were clear.