Breakfast Time Machine // LITTLE LESSY

CONFESSION. THE LAST thing I think about at night before falling asleep isn’t my family, my goals or my boyfriend (sorry). It isn’t spent reflecting on what I accomplished that day or a mental run-through of what needs to happen the next. Nope. The last thing I think about before I slip into a sweet, sweet slumber is… what do I get to eat for breakfast? 

And these days I’ve been hitting the hay happily salivating over the promise of another (for the 4th time in a week) delicious stack of pancakes to wake up to in the morn.

But not just regular pancakes.

And not the kind that leaves you in a sugary-carbo-loaded induced food coma either.

Nope – these guys pack some serious nutritious punch hitting on all the important food groups to complete a meal: healthy carbs, protein, and maple syrup (ya I’ve decided the sweet stuff deserves to be a food group of its own…disclaimer: not scientifically proven that maple syrup is healthy but I like to tell myself that. Come on, it’s natural!).

Healthy Oatmeal Banana Pancakes

And the best part about these pancakes is that they are a cinch to whip up so you don’t even have to wait til Sunday to make them. I first stumbled across the recipe via Lexy of Proper Pinwheel – who got the recipe from the instagram account of @megeatswhole.

Since I have a small addiction to making otherwise unhealthy foods healthy, giving this a go was a no brainer. Besides all the ingredients were items I’d otherwise eat for breakfast, and were already standing at attention waiting for me in my kitchen.

Ready for the recipe? 1 mashed banana + 2 eggs + 1/4 c of oats + a dash of cinnamon. Mix. Cook like a pancake. Top like a pancake. Smash against face.

The recipe only makes 3 pancakes so it’s good for 1 person. I doubled it for Daniel and I to enjoy but since that guy is a bottomless pit I think next time I’d quadruple it for him.

Since trying to stick to a mostly gluten and dairy free diet I’ve been experiencing some serious pancake-withdrawal so I’m pretty stoked to have this recipe in my life.

If you make them let me know what you think!




TRUE. SOMEHOW (LIKELY) by the calender days passing, it became May. If you’ve been hanging around my corner of the internet for a year now, you’ll remember the little 31 day running challenge I embarked on, aptly (and cleverly, if I do say so myself) named, Mile A Day May.

I was toying around with the idea of partaking in the challenge again this year. At first it was a no-brainer but as the start date got closer I kind of (maybe sorta on purpose) forgot.

Last year, the challenge was really about forcing me to be active every day. I’m happy to report that since then I’ve managed to maintain my activity levels, sweating roughly 5-6 times a week. Part of me thought… I don’t really need “Mile A Day May” this year because I’m already working out.

A month ago I made the wrong (or right, depending on how you look at it) decision of enrolling my boyfriend in the challenge and as May 1st approached was kind of hoping he’d forgot.

Low and behold first text I get from him today “MILE A DAY MAY!”.

Well, shit.

So here we are. May 1st. And since I didn’t give any of you fair warning, I’m doling out “get out of jail free” cards for the day. Sooooo are you in?!

The concept is simple. You run (at least) one mile every day this month. That’s pretty much just 10 minutes out of your day so really you have no reason not to :). And don’t forget to share your running adventures on twitter and instagram with #mileadaymay!

PS. I technically ran a mile on a treadmill this morning in the form of 3 3-minute sprints. I think it totally counts and I’m the one making up the rules here. So there.

PSS. Here’s what the challenge taught me last year.



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A FEW WEEKS ago I posted this with the promise of sharing more in the near future. Between the holidays, Florida and the trial version of my adobe creative suite on my laptop expiring… well let’s just say I found all the excuses I needed.

I also realized I couldn’t just jump right in and tell you “what I did to drop 20lbs” (there I said it) without the rest of the story because it would be doing you a disservice. What I came to realize (over the course of a year, is that’s its about waaaaaaay more than “losing weight”).

At this moment I’m regretting not taking you guys along the journey when it was happening. Let this be a lesson to me for the future because now trying to “retro-blog” is daunting. My game plan is to share this intro post with you, and then create a new series with tips, tricks and tidbits, that have helped me along the way. I’m thinking something along the lines of “becoming a littler lessy” Ha!

As it turns out, the weight loss is the easy part. It’s pure science. Work out. Eat well. (you can give me my nobel peace prize later). But the reason I think so many people are so unsuccessful when it comes to getting into shape is because they treat it like this God awful journey. And they’re doing it purely out of vanity. It’s to look a certain way. To get attention from someone. That sort of stuff. I know this because that’s how I’ve gone about it for like… all my life. And let me tell you, all your life is a really long time to be “on a diet” and not see results.

So January of last year I declared that 2013 would be the year I fall in love. Fall in love with me that is.

And it wasn’t until I made my goals about something bigger (understanding, discovering and loving myself) that I actually started making progress. It wasn’t about the pounds on the scale it was like… I’m going to take swimming lessons because that’s something fun to do. Or I’m going to see if I can run a mile every day for 30 days because it’ll give me something to focus on. I wondered how I’d feel if I cut out processed sugar. Or gluten. Or dairy?  I experimented with everything and slowly these little challenges and experiments became fun and started enhancing my life. I was happier. I realized my real goals reached far beyond my health. I wanted to expand my social circle, dominate the kitchen and hone my creativity and craft. So everything from pouring energy into this blog to moving into my own apartment became part of this bigger process. In hindsight (isn’t hindsight a beautiful thing?) the fact that my job was slowly becoming less and less important to me ended up being the greatest gift of all. It created the space for me to clock in, gett’r done, clock out and get back to my journey of self-discovery.

My game changing moment was when I stopped thinking about how I looked and started paying attention to how I felt.

The worst part about a journey like this is that the visible results just don’t come soon enough. And ultimately results are what keep us motivated. Even though I didn’t think I looked different I could tell that I felt different (felt better, felt amazing) and that became enough to make me want to keep going.

By June I’d freed myself of the vanity goals and I developed a girl crush on myself. I admittedly would look at my own instagram feed and be like… “hey, I’m kinda up to cool things”. It’s not all that surprising that it was during this time that I think I doubled the list of girl friends I could casually call upon for a brunch date, and even garnered a bit of attention from some boys. For the first time, like ever, I had a “I think I’m figuring this out” moment. I really, truly started to love my life.

I should probably interrupt myself here to make a quick point. Prior to this I didn’t not love my life. But I didn’t know how much more I could love it.

And then it dawned on me. This is what they mean when they say “lifestyle”. This is why dieting doesn’t work but adopting a “lifestyle” does. It’s not just about the food on your plate and the time clocked at the gym. Those two things are just a small part of the whole equation. Sure there’s a “body figure” I’m after…(I’m not quite there yet). But I also won’t stop when I get it. Eating clean and working out won’t ever stop being a part of my life. And more importantly than that 6-pack that I still want by summer, there’s a whole life I want too. That’s what I’m building my goals towards. It’s all encompassing. My heart, my health, my friends, my family, my hobbies, my home, my life. This is the revolution.


Loving yourself is the greatest revolution. I know this too be true.