IT’S BEEN AWHILE since I’ve looked at my goals and it’s been even longer since I’ve set some.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve sat down to go through it but I just kept getting side-tracked and to the bottom of the priority list my goal-setting would fall. I meant to do it in January because well, that just made sense. A fresh perspective and a fresh start. Besides I was already doing a lot of re-evaluating at that time.

I won’t lie, I think a part of me was in mega-avoidance mode because I knew that a bunch of the goals I’d set last July would now be completely irreverent. Was it failure? No – just a change of heart, I know that, but facing it (not to mention going through the daunting and vulnerable task of declaring what was next) made me not want anything to do with it for awhile.

When I finally took a look I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only had I accomplished a lot more than I’d thought, I’d even crossed off goals years earlier than I’d expected. These are the goals I set in July of 2013:

My 2014 Goals

Not all these goals happened exactly as I planned (and some not at all) but I still feel really complete with them which, in my opinion, is what really matters. For example – I didn’t throw an epic champagne birthday party for myself (at least not the one I’d envisioned) but I had a really great birthday and learned the value of letting go of certain expectations. I managed to make huge strides with my health goals, travelled to Hawaii (with family, not friends… although I did meet my boyfriend there so there’s that), and LITTLE LESSY and my apartment were featured on The EveryGirl last month. Possibly the most exciting accomplishments were taking an entrepreneurial leap-of-faith a year earlier than planned and being paid to style my first event (by lululemon no less).

So, now what?

Well, after re-reading my goals from last year and realizing how much progress I’d made (and how many of them were no longer goals of mine) it was definitely time to re-evaluate.

The timing couldn’t be better because these days I have something like 4 jobs that seem somewhat unconnected. It feels a bit like I do everything and nothing. I experience the ups and downs of that inconsistency every single day. As I wait for certain things to pick up and shift I’m hanging on for dear life trying to remind myself that this is all leading somewhere. The best way to really convince yourself that that is true, is to write it all down in chronological order.

So, I’m re-focused and certainly re-inspired! Head on over here to read my new set of goals fresh off the press! I am so ready to make shit happen.



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A FEW WEEKS ago I posted this with the promise of sharing more in the near future. Between the holidays, Florida and the trial version of my adobe creative suite on my laptop expiring… well let’s just say I found all the excuses I needed.

I also realized I couldn’t just jump right in and tell you “what I did to drop 20lbs” (there I said it) without the rest of the story because it would be doing you a disservice. What I came to realize (over the course of a year, is that’s its about waaaaaaay more than “losing weight”).

At this moment I’m regretting not taking you guys along the journey when it was happening. Let this be a lesson to me for the future because now trying to “retro-blog” is daunting. My game plan is to share this intro post with you, and then create a new series with tips, tricks and tidbits, that have helped me along the way. I’m thinking something along the lines of “becoming a littler lessy” Ha!

As it turns out, the weight loss is the easy part. It’s pure science. Work out. Eat well. (you can give me my nobel peace prize later). But the reason I think so many people are so unsuccessful when it comes to getting into shape is because they treat it like this God awful journey. And they’re doing it purely out of vanity. It’s to look a certain way. To get attention from someone. That sort of stuff. I know this because that’s how I’ve gone about it for like… all my life. And let me tell you, all your life is a really long time to be “on a diet” and not see results.

So January of last year I declared that 2013 would be the year I fall in love. Fall in love with me that is.

And it wasn’t until I made my goals about something bigger (understanding, discovering and loving myself) that I actually started making progress. It wasn’t about the pounds on the scale it was like… I’m going to take swimming lessons because that’s something fun to do. Or I’m going to see if I can run a mile every day for 30 days because it’ll give me something to focus on. I wondered how I’d feel if I cut out processed sugar. Or gluten. Or dairy?  I experimented with everything and slowly these little challenges and experiments became fun and started enhancing my life. I was happier. I realized my real goals reached far beyond my health. I wanted to expand my social circle, dominate the kitchen and hone my creativity and craft. So everything from pouring energy into this blog to moving into my own apartment became part of this bigger process. In hindsight (isn’t hindsight a beautiful thing?) the fact that my job was slowly becoming less and less important to me ended up being the greatest gift of all. It created the space for me to clock in, gett’r done, clock out and get back to my journey of self-discovery.

My game changing moment was when I stopped thinking about how I looked and started paying attention to how I felt.

The worst part about a journey like this is that the visible results just don’t come soon enough. And ultimately results are what keep us motivated. Even though I didn’t think I looked different I could tell that I felt different (felt better, felt amazing) and that became enough to make me want to keep going.

By June I’d freed myself of the vanity goals and I developed a girl crush on myself. I admittedly would look at my own instagram feed and be like… “hey, I’m kinda up to cool things”. It’s not all that surprising that it was during this time that I think I doubled the list of girl friends I could casually call upon for a brunch date, and even garnered a bit of attention from some boys. For the first time, like ever, I had a “I think I’m figuring this out” moment. I really, truly started to love my life.

I should probably interrupt myself here to make a quick point. Prior to this I didn’t not love my life. But I didn’t know how much more I could love it.

And then it dawned on me. This is what they mean when they say “lifestyle”. This is why dieting doesn’t work but adopting a “lifestyle” does. It’s not just about the food on your plate and the time clocked at the gym. Those two things are just a small part of the whole equation. Sure there’s a “body figure” I’m after…(I’m not quite there yet). But I also won’t stop when I get it. Eating clean and working out won’t ever stop being a part of my life. And more importantly than that 6-pack that I still want by summer, there’s a whole life I want too. That’s what I’m building my goals towards. It’s all encompassing. My heart, my health, my friends, my family, my hobbies, my home, my life. This is the revolution.


Loving yourself is the greatest revolution. I know this too be true.



A Year From Now by Kelly Cummings


EIGHT DAYS AGO most of us promised ourselves that “this will be the year”. I wonder how many of us have already succumb to our old habits? Or even completely forgotten the resolutions we just set?

A year from now you’ll wish you’d started today.

This feels so timely to me as I type this.

Today, I am so glad I started a year ago.

I don’t really like talking about this stuff. But it’s the stuff I always like to read so I think it’s time I repay the world with a bit of my own vulnerability. Besides, one week into the new year with people all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed over their resolutions, I hope this helps keep both motivation and spirits high.



These shorts are 3 years old.

Last November they didn’t come to Mexico with me because they didn’t fit.

This past summer I could get into them on days when I was feeling particularly slim (and knew I wouldn’t have to sit down for too long) I know you know what I’m talking about…

I took this photo a few weeks ago when I was trying to pack for Florida.


That moment was pretty much the first time that I noticed for myself that hard work had actually paid off. Other people were telling me but in my eyes I looked and felt pretty much the same.

And I have to say it’s a pretty weird experience to find yourself swimming in your own clothes. To be honest, while my initial reaction was excitement it slowly turned into frustration as I realized my entire summer wardrobe now looked just plain ridiculous on me. Sorta, Charlie Chaplin-esque, ya know? And then of course, I got mad at myself for being frustrated that I’d actually achieved something great. Oh the emotional roller coaster, I tell ya!


In case you were wondering the title of this photo is “gun show”.  Don’t be fooled though, while the hours spent at the gym helped, the filter really helps. Hahaha.

So what’s the secret?

I hate to disappoint but it’s “eat right and work out”. Actually, no. I take that back. Because I’ve always been an active person with a pretty good sense of eating well. It’s more like “eat REALLY right and work out REALLY hard”. Yup that’s more like it*.

So there you have it. Whatever your goals are this year, I hope this post has inspired you to start today.

As for 2014, well to be honest I haven’t really sat down to think about that yet. Maybe I’ll start by adding “stop procrastinating” to my resolutions list. Maybe. Ha!

*I’ve just been inspired to share more about what I’ve learned and found worked well for me. Stay tuned for another post on that…soon.