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little • lessy [noun]:  A nickname directly correlated with my first name and perfectly proportionate to my small size. Assigned to me by my closest friends, as all nicknames should be.

I’m a twenty-something girl forging her way through life and a career. I’m a lover of sweaty pursuits and clean-eating but under no circumstance will refuse a scoop of ice-cream (preferably mint chocolate chip) – it’s called balance, k? I enjoy throwing a good party (styled to the T) and laughing uncontrollably with good company.

Little Lessy is the chronicles of my life as viewed by me. This blog was born out of both the need for a creative outlet and a way to keep friends and family back home updated on my life hear myself speak. It’s a smorgasbord of sorts, covering everything from kitchen adventures to design inspiration to unlocking Vancouver’s best kept secrets.


*All images, graphic design and writing is done by yours truly unless otherwise credited. Portraits by Alyson Strike

12 thoughts on “LIFE OF LES

    • Thanks Karlie! That is always nice to hear :) Just checked out your site, looks like you’re on the brink of something exciting yourself! Can’t wait to see it! Let me know as soon as it’s ready!

  1. Found your blog very recently. I’m a reverse convert. I went from Vancouver to Toronto. Just wanted to say, what awesome energy to you! Reminds me of myself less than a decade ago when I moved to Toronto and was struggling to breath it all in. You have wonderful writing style and are asking all great questions of life and people around you. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for sharing the magical and just ok moments of your life adventures.

    On a mentorship note, I promise it will all be even sweeter memories when you enter your 30’s and realize how wonderful your 20’s were and how lucky you are to have the spirit and soulfulness that you do!

    Enjoy life and look forward to seeing more of your blog in the days ahead!
    Your Newest Blog Fan!

    • Thank you, thank you thank you!

      Honestly, this means so much to me! I do believe 30 will be amazing… just trying to soak in the good parts of 20 (before it’s too late!).

      Thanks for reading!

      ps. why on earth would you leave this beautiful place for Toronto? ;) hahaha

      • I left for school and a bit of (what now feels like) youngster heartbreak.

        Agreed that Vancouver has a much more beautiful feel to it when you step outside during the Spring/Summer. In the winter though, I had the blues because of so much rain (and that annoying heartbreak part towards the time I moved didn’t help with the blues). So I moved out here. Change is always good when you’re in a rut. And my outlook brightened a ton when faced with the challenge of starting a new life elsewhere. In the process, I learned that the heartbreak was just part of growing up and learning to love life. And along the way, I found LOVE LOVE LOVE. So I’m here, still enjoying my time.

        Love your blog and all your musings. Your writing makes me realize there’s tons of little wonderful moments to still appreciate and relish in the every day. Great work!

  2. I have the biggest lady crush on your blog – was in desperate need of an ikea hack to create a credenza beside my sofa’s chaise lounge, and stumbled upon your blog. Love it. Love even more that it’s Canadian (meaning easier to track down/buy beautiful things I see)!

    Keep it up girl!

    • Oh my goodness.

      1. I’ve been eyeing fauxdenza hacks for like a year. I will do it, I will! One day. Maybe when I have a real house. If you embark on the mission let me know how it goes!

      2. Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read my blog! These comments always come in right at the perfect time, generally when I’m amidst my bi-monthly “why do I even do this” crisis.

      Thank you, thank you thank you!

  3. What a beautiful blog and your posts are so natural to read! Question — what camera do you use for your photgraphy? Any good advice for beginners?…xx

    • Hey Haley – sorry I forgot to respond to your comment! Thanks for the kind words about my blog! I use a nikon D60 with a 50MM 1.4 lens (or my iphone camera!).

      HAHA – it’s hard to give advice when I’d consider myself a beginning! I’d say get into manual shooting as soon as possible – the quality of photos is just way better! A simple read on how to use your light meter to gain perfect exposure should set you up for success!… Oh and avoid using flash!

      Also – honestly some of my favourite shots are taken with my iPhone – the power of a natural lit setting is really incredible.

      Best of luck!

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