Ikea Paper Shop


YUP. YOU READ that right. The best and worst thing ever has officially happened.  Best because freaking IKEA started a freaking paper shop that I freaking love (you know how I get about these things!) and worst because… drum roll please… it’s not available in Canada. Shocker [insert not shocked face at all]. Unbeknownst to me they actually launched this line awhile ago in Europe and have since (aka today) brought it to the grand US of A. Why do the Americans get all the good stuff. It’s so… I don’t know? Racist?


The coolest, right? I must say having access to this stuff would make any and all Piccolo Design Co. packaging a breeze! Also – Ikea actually already stole my heart once this week when they launched this video promoting the 2014 catalogue. A bookbook! HA.

Ikea Paper Goods

I guess I’ll just have to hold my Swedish meatballs until it they decide to set up shop here in Canada, eh? See what I did there?


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