YOU WANNA KNOW something? 3 years ago when I graduated from school I put “design my own business cards” on my to-do list. After many failed no attempts I was starting to doubt it would ever actually happen. It’s the classic shoemaker’s kid never has shoes thing (that’s a thing right?).

Most designers will tell you it’s impossible to design stuff for themselves. For the most part I agree. There’s no real deadline, no real budget and no parameters you must play within. The world is your oyster and although that sounds amazing it’s actually ridiculously daunting.

For some reason though when I started designing the Piccolo Design Co. brand it just came so naturally to me. Like nothing I’d ever designed before. I was actually initially set on calling my business Whim & Wit and spent hours labouring over a design trying to make that work. In a fit of fury I looked down at my notebook and gave PDC a shot. I basically just typed it and fell in instant-love. The rest is history (if you can count 7 months as history, that is).

So after a long three years, I can finally cross that to-do item off my list. Actually I’ve had them for a few months now so I guess I can finally cross “share them on my blog” off my list.

I printed them with www.moo.com and was really pleased with how they turned out. I decided on the Luxe line because I love me some thick paper stock. It was totally worth shelling out a little extra for. I was also pleasantly surprised (and impressed) with the delivery of the cards, they came in a cute little white case that made the whole thing feel even more premium. I’d definitely recommend Moo to anyone looking to get stuff printed.

So – now that they are out there, what do you think?!



  1. wouldn’t mind some piccolo designed wedding invites…still remembering that i need to get you that budget btw lol

  2. Gorgeous!

    I hate leaving any sort of comment that may come off as negative, and I promise it only comes from a place of wanting to be helpful… but I used to work in the invitation/wedding industry and learned very quickly that when talking about personal note sets, etc.. it’s “stationery” not “stationary” (as in stationary bike). I don’t want you to have an awkward moment (not that you would) when embarking on your new, wonderful journey.

    All the best!

    • BRILLANT! Girl – don’t feel bad at all you’re saving me! I had no clue but now that you’ve written out there I feel like I’ve totally seen the “ey” version and it just never really registered!

      Thank you thank you thank you!

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