I’VE SEEN WALL planters popping up everywhere for the last little while and I’ve considered DIYing one myself, but you know sometimes, I’m just like – ugh – can’t I just buy it? And right now the answer to the question is no, Allessia. No you can’t. Because the boss of me (me) put me on a strict budget and no matter how hard I try to twist “hanging wall planter” into my necessities column (OH BUT I’LL DIE WITHOUT IT!) it just isn’t happening. BLEH!

Since I can’t have one (yet) I figured I’d share these darling little planters from LIGHT + LADDER in case any of you are lucky enough to not have a really mean budgeting boss like me. She’s the worst.


3 thoughts on “LOVE LIST // LIGHT + LADDER

  1. Yikes that ankle looks terribly painful. My mom sprained hers for the first time last week. Did you cry when you rolled it or however it happened?

    • Ahh! I tried so hard not to cry hahaha! Isn’t it funny how your body just does that? I was like “deep breaths…. deep breaths… don’t cry”. Such a whimp. I made it to the bottom of the hike with misty eyes but the minute I saw my boyfriend I just lost it. Who knows why!

      Hope your momma is feeling better! Mine seems to be healing really quickly so I’m happy about that!

  2. Whoops just realized I commented on the wrong post, sorry!! haha

    Yep I know exactly what you mean. First time I sprained my ankle it didn’t hurt much at all I was able to walk it off. The second time I was just stunned I couldn’t move or say anything for a few minutes ,I did the dry cry, it was extremely painful. My mom kept saying ” a sprain can’t hurt that bad. ” hahaha that’s easy to say when you’ve never had one.

    Well last week she went out to check the mail and as she went out the front door her foot missed the last step and her ankle rolled, popped and she slammed knee first into the pavement. I heard her yell “I broke my ankle!!!” I went out to see her laying there crying in pain. After she calmed down a bit I got her shoe off to see a tennis ball of a ankle so I got my younger brother and he came out, we had to try to figure out how to get her to the car so he scooped her up and carried her to the car and I drove us to the ER. She was surprised to hear it was just a bad sprain.

    Anyways sorry for the long post. I’m glad to hear your ankle is healing up fast, sprains aren’t only painful but they’re frustrating as well. You don’t realize how useful your feet are until you can’t walk for a few weeks! Take care.

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