TRUE. SOMEHOW (LIKELY) by the calender days passing, it became May. If you’ve been hanging around my corner of the internet for a year now, you’ll remember the little 31 day running challenge I embarked on, aptly (and cleverly, if I do say so myself) named, Mile A Day May.

I was toying around with the idea of partaking in the challenge again this year. At first it was a no-brainer but as the start date got closer I kind of (maybe sorta on purpose) forgot.

Last year, the challenge was really about forcing me to be active every day. I’m happy to report that since then I’ve managed to maintain my activity levels, sweating roughly 5-6 times a week. Part of me thought… I don’t really need “Mile A Day May” this year because I’m already working out.

A month ago I made the wrong (or right, depending on how you look at it) decision of enrolling my boyfriend in the challenge and as May 1st approached was kind of hoping he’d forgot.

Low and behold first text I get from him today “MILE A DAY MAY!”.

Well, shit.

So here we are. May 1st. And since I didn’t give any of you fair warning, I’m doling out “get out of jail free” cards for the day. Sooooo are you in?!

The concept is simple. You run (at least) one mile every day this month. That’s pretty much just 10 minutes out of your day so really you have no reason not to :). And don’t forget to share your running adventures on twitter and instagram with #mileadaymay!

PS. I technically ran a mile on a treadmill this morning in the form of 3 3-minute sprints. I think it totally counts and I’m the one making up the rules here. So there.

PSS. Here’s what the challenge taught me last year.


7 thoughts on “MILE A DAY MAY 2014

  1. I was thinking about this today actually !

    I’m in.

    I walked 5 miles today (used my legs to get me to work) so let’s just say I “eased” myself into it. Thanks for the get out of jail free card though, grabbing it and moving forward!

  2. I just learned about your blog throught the feature on the everygirl and i really love your layout and style. I have a blog that is on again/off again and am constantly looking for inspiration. thanks!

    • Hi Casey! Thank you so much. I hope an on again/off blog also inspires you ;) I’ve been taking a bit of hiatus these days.

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