JUST POPPING IN to say that my home tour is now up on The Everygirl and I’m kinda really excited about it! It’s been a goal of mine for a long time to have my apartment featured on a site so this is BIG TIME.

Can we also just talk about how awesome this week has been? I got paid to style a party on Monday, booked a trip to AZ for next week (hello sunshine!), had this feature go live AND da-da-duh-da PlaidFox (aka the start-up I joined) launched this morning! I should also mention that last night my very terrible volleyball team who hasn’t won more than a set all season won 2 games last night, with just 3 people. It’s the little things guys.


Anyhoo, head on over here to see the full article and more pictures!



  1. Just read your article on The Everygirl. Not only is your home beautiful, but your story is amazing! As a 25 year old trying to figure out my path & passion, I loved your story! Can’t wait to follow along with your journey through Little Lessy!

    • Aw, Thank you so much. You’re 20’s can be ridiculously confusing eh? I recently read The Defining Decade and got really inspired by that, I’d recommend it for sure! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, means a lot to me!


  2. So glad I came across your home tour on the everygirl! Just scrolling through your blog and I may have a new daily read. Fantastic aesthetic and great content. Keep up the inspirational work!

  3. Congratulations on your house tour! So beautiful! Where did you get your TV stand? I’m looking for something similar. Thanks!

  4. Hi Lessy! I’ve been following you since you had your home featured on the Lululemon website and you’ve been such an inspiration to me. And your house is freaking beautiful. I showed it to my bf just now saying “THIS IS WHAT I WANT OUR PLACE TO BE LIKE’. Please keep shining and inspiring everyone :)

    • Hey Reina! Wow! I’m so flattered! Thanks for being a loyal reader, I really really appreciate that! It’s very humbling to hear!

      I hope your boyfriend was on board with the inspiration ;)

  5. You’re such a go-getter, I love it!! I just started following your blog after seeing your home tour on The Everygirl. I’m in Phoenix, by the way, so if you need a tour guide next week let me know ;)

    • Hi Natalie! Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

      Can I tell you how jealous I am of you that you get to live in Arizona? It is seriously my happy place! We’ll be staying in Scottsdale but if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them! True Food Kitchen is my go-to (I’m salivating already!) :)

  6. Oh my gosh, lady. Can you come help me put the finishing touches on my place because I LOVE your adorable apartment, especially that kitchen! (We’re Kitchenaid twins by the way!) Congratulations on your feature!! And as an aside — I love love love your mile a day May. I might just have to join in.

    • Laicie – I’m not even going to pretend to play it cool right now. I have been following your blog for awhile now and have a total blogger crush on you! Some squealing may have happened when I saw your comment ;).

      Also – you should totally get into Mile A Day May! It’s such a fun – and relatively easy challenge! The other night my boyfriend and I were running and our noses somehow lead us right into a a booth at an amazing pizza joint (funny how that happens) – so maybe that can be one of your date nights! hahaha!

      • A girl after my own heart! There’s nothing (nothing) I want more than to wander into a fantastic new pizza place while I’m out on a run. I WILL have to plan that one for us!!

        And thank you so, so much — you made my day with your response. I hope you’ll keep in touch. :) And keep up the good work, your blog is gorgeous! And I have so much admiration for your dreams and the way you’ve gone after them.

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