Happy Birthday To Me

WHAT A TREAT it is to be able to wake up on a Tuesday and decide to spend your birthday however you’d like. Right now, “however I’d like” is writing this blog post while eating 1/2 an apple and almond butter in bed. It’s my usual pre-workout, pre-breakfast snack (I happen to love that I eat breakfast twice) and it’s no different than what I ate yesterday or the day before, but today it just feels more special.

All week people have been asking me how I plan to spend my day. This is probably because they all know me well enough to know that, to me, my birthday is a BFD.  I have a reputation for being a save no expense, full-on celebration, bring on the cake, birthday kind of person. But this year, even though theoretically I could have spent the last 2 months planning a party, I kind of just let it creep up on me instead.

It’s odd. Because I’ve been looking forward to this particular birthday for a long time. My champagne birthday. 25 on 25. A quarter of a century. I even have a goal written down in honour of throwing myself an epic bash.

But here we are. February 25th and save from my plan to go to Kondi at 9am, purchasing myself a cast iron skillet and drinks with friends at 7:30pm I don’t have any other real plans. And I’m actually, okay with that. Maybe I have matured.

The truth is that I’ve been putting an insane amount of pressure on myself. About everything. From work, to health, to my birthday festivities, to this blog. Last night around 11PM, despite being ridiculously tired and it already being 2 hours past my bedtime (#25goingon50) I forced myself to sit in front of my computer to write a birthday blog post. I’ve been thinking about writing this post forever and have been putting off doing it for just as long. I had this idea to write 25 things I learned in 25 years. And then 25 things I wanted to accomplish in my 25th year. Which then became 25 things I’m committed to this year. I kept starting these lists but falling short of 25 and getting frustrated. Suddenly this list that was suppose to be motivating, sentimental and inspiring was just a big ole pain in my ass. It was too hard.

But in trying to nail all that down something I did write struck a chord. Simplify. This year, I want to simplify my life. And I’m starting by letting go of needing a list with 25 items on it. That’s a lot of things to have to think about at once anyway. And besides who says a lists need to be 5/10/25 anyway!?

God, that felt good. A weight off my shoulders. I never ended up writing my list because I didn’t really need it anymore. What I want to get up to this year is simple, I just want to get back to the basics.

To learn to make things with my hands, from scratch, like “they” used to do. I want to focus on having more by having less. Cultivating a handful of really great friendships rather than trying to earn a popularity badge. Continue to eat fruits and vegetables and nourish my body. Take better care of my hair and skin and start to feel more beautiful with less makeup. Be a better listener. Share less but more intentionally on social media. Discard of all the junk I’ve accumulated in my apartment. Find time to get away from all the screens. Understand the true difference between “want” and “need”.

I feel pretty excited about this upcoming year. I feel like 24 forced me to figure myself out and now 25 is going to be about getting to be that person. Not to mention 2 is my favourite number and 5 has always had a place in my heart. It’s looking good guys.

So have a glass of champagne for me today! I love and appreciate all of my readers more than you’ll ever know!

ps. did you notice my updated blog banner?! 25!!



  1. As Kayla and I said (and I know she mentioned this to you). We decided 25 was the year our life would really start! I really believe that happened. I discovered so much about myself and others/other places/other things.

    It’s a good one! And you should do what you want on your birthday! Even though Gillian and I were in Paris, I said I wanted $10 tacos and to go to bed at 10pm.


  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Looks like we share the same birthday! I was 25 on the 25th of Feb last year and it made for a fabulous year. Here’s the same to you for your 25th!

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