Rifle Paper Co Recipe Box and Cards

rifle paper co recipe box and card

I KNOW HOW silly and dated a recipe box may seem with the digital age but after careful inspection of my own kitchen habits I have realized how helpful necessary this is to my baking arsenal. Wanna know how I cook? I look up a recipe on my computer in my bedroom. I copy the recipe onto a notepad making markings and doodles I later struggle to decipher. I go back and forth 50 times between my sorry-excuse-for notes and my computer. Then once I’ve made what I’ve got to make, I toss the paper and the next time I want to make it, I go through the whole process all over. So ridic. Right? Why don’t I just keep the paper? I don’t know… where would I store it? And yes, I know that the iPad is supposed to have solved this issue but I don’t like touching my iPad with dirty cooking hands. And as an artist (yup, that’s my new word for unemployed) I have an appreciation for the tangible. The lost art of paper, you know? Besides I just like some things the plain old-fashion way. Recipe box, you’re on the top of my love list right now.


3 thoughts on “LOVE LIST: A RECIPE BOX

  1. I do the same! I hate the back and forth from a computer, and I really don’t like having my computer/phone/ipad etc out while I’m cooking. This is awesome, love love love!

  2. les – you must get the paprika app ( it’s the best digital receipe manager! you can copy paste from any website, create as many categories as you want, scale the recipes, and calendar meals to plan & shop. there is a version for the iPad, iPhone, and laptop, and they all sync together. #gamechanger

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