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I ONCE HAD a very strict all silver always rule that eventually evolved into an all gold everything rule. Now, I fancy me a bit of both here and there and thank my lucky stars that “mixed metals” are in. Turns out I’ve got a wandering eye when it comes to metallics. I really never thought I’d develop a taste for copper. Ever. But here we are. I’m swooning. I wonder if  the elimination of the penny sent me spiraling subconsciously into copper withdrawal?

I’m in particular love with image three and am already plotting on how I’m going to DIY that copper hanger into my bedroom when I get home. Muahaha.

What do you think? Yay or nay to copper?!


4 thoughts on “COLOUR CRUSH: COPPER

  1. Yayyy! Yayyyyy!!!! I’m one hundred percent infatuated with copper, which might come from it’s awesomeness in the kitchen (aspiring home chef, right here.) but I adore it. That last photo with the copper pipe and the the edison bulbs? Yes. All of that is about to happen in my living room.

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