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THE UNIVERSE WORKS in mysterious ways, no? Religion ain’t really my thang but I do believe there is some form of higher-power, something that encourages things to happen along as they should. I won’t deny that I’m a sucker for signs. And ya I realize that you can probably twist anything to have some sort of meaning, but I find comfort in the validation regardless of how convoluted it may seem.

One of the first real “life lessons” I learned was that everything happens for a reason – the caveat, of course, being that you don’t always get to know, see or understand the reason. Once I got this a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Life is way more fun when you can brace yourself through a rough patch with the simple knowledge that “it’ll all work out”. Because, really, even wrong decisions (once you deal with the consequences) often open up doors to something bigger and better. Something that wouldn’t have otherwise been available to you had you not made that one choice. It is this reasoning that has allowed me to walk away from my job with no plan in place and successfully (so far) void of any major meltdowns.

But let’s bring this all back to the universe shall we? Last Friday night was our corporate holiday party. This was my 3rd time attending. Every year there is a raffle with tons of great prizes and I never win. Ever. Prizes big and small, never once was my name drawn.

This year, at the Gatsby-inspired event, you had the option to “gamble” a poker chip for extra raffle ticket entries. 1 chip = 2 entries. I decided to forgo the temptation and just exchanged my chip for 2 measly tickets. I never win anyway.

On top of that… I didn’t fold my tickets, I just tossed them in. I read somewhere that you are statistically more likely to win a draw if you fold your tickets. I turned to my coworkers and let out a “pft.. now I’m definitely not going to win”.

Enter irony. This year… out of like 1000 people… I end up wining the 3rd grand prize – plane tickets to anywhere in North America for 2. Yup. So for basically the very reason I leave my job, I get two paid for tickets in return. WHAT?!


So since my trip to Toronto, Florida and Hawaii are all already booked, I’ve got one more trip to go on sometime next year. Now for the tough part – who to bring and where to go?!

New York, Boston and New Orleans are top contenders on my list right now… where would you go if you could go anywhere in North America?

PS. Have I mentioned I love the universe? As they say, onwards!



    • Oooo ever since I read my first Nicholas Sparks book I’ve wanted to go to North Carolina! But maybe I should do the south!! Thanks for the suggestion!

      • I would have to second the Charleston suggestion. I just went there a few weeks ago, and honestly, it’s one of my favorite places I’ve been. A lot of historical charm. Located on the coast near some beautiful islands and beaches. :)

    • Likewise lady!!! Can’t wait to see you over the holidays!

      Alaska is up there on my list but I think I’d want to do a cruise to Alaska…

    • Thank you so much for this! I know how powerful it can be to open up and be vulnerable on my blog so I’m trying to do that more! I can’t even begin to thank my readers enough for all the support, it’s been so humbling! Xo

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