Be Stronger Than Your Excuses


YOU SHOULD KNOW that I actually wanted to make today’s words of wisdom post something more along the lines of “case of the blahs” or rather, a much more dramatic “blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”. But despite my desire to relish in my blah-ness I figured something a little more positive and kick-your-butt-into-gear-ish was appropriate.

So ya. Be stronger than your excuses. Which for me, right now, means more workouts and more blogging – I’ve been on the slack train as of late.

[sidenote: pretty sure not that long ago I told myself that next time I was feeling unmotivated and stressed to remember to work out because a good sweat would fix all my problems. I suppose I’m really good at doling out advice and not so great at taking it – Whoops!]


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