I HAVEN’T BUSTED out my Christmas decor yet but I’m getting the holiday itch. It’s not unusual for me to go full-on for the season when it comes to decorating but this year I’m in a bit of a pinch. I promised myself I’d only spend money this month if it was on something that aligned with my well-being. You know, things that I might need in order to reach the health and fitness goals I set out for myself (ahem, like the NutriBullet I bought – totally justified).

On one hand, IT’S CHRISTMAS and I should be able to spread cheer all around me ’cause it only comes but once a year! On the other… is it really worth it? For 25(ish) days…?

Holiday Wall

I love this simple little wintery vignette. It feels festive without being over the top and would be really easy (and cheap) to recreate!

Holiday Print | SS Print Shop

I’ve also got my eye on this poster from SS Print Shop. I’m kinda mad for plaid right now so it’s not that shocking…

I think I’ll have to do at least a little something something. Besides I’m thinking about hosting a little BYOM (bring your own mug) Hot Chocolate party, and that would just feel wrong with out a little holiday sprucing. So I guess  the only real question left is to tree or not to tree?



  1. I just remembered this post – I got a different plaid scarf from Zara for Christmas, you were right on trend; it was key to staying warm in Chicago for New Years and when I got caught in the polar vortex!!

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