Avocado Kale Blueberry Smoothie

SOMETHING YOU MIGHT not know about me? I have an obsession with small kitchen appliances. Yup. I’m quite certain I hold the record for most appliances per year lived. I’ve pretty much eliminated any need to get married – there’s nothing left for me to register for. Cue the visual of the lonely old haggard cat lady but replace the cats with Ktichenaid mixers and crockpots and call it my life in 50 years. (Is it wrong that I’m okay with this?).

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly need another appliance – I set my sights on the Nutribullet.

Now to be fair, my current blender (the magic bullet) was totally on the fritz, so this purchase wasn’t completely ridic. And now that I’m on this crazy 9-week health kick (the one I keep promising you more details on but keep failing to actually deliver) I’ve been smoothie-ing the shit out of everything in my fridge. Believe you me, this purchase was warranted.

And yah, yah, yah, I know, the Vitamix. But dropping $500 on a blender just isn’t in my smoothie making cards right now. Although… that’s what I can register for…

So after a bit of research I pulled the trigger on the Nutribullet – a very affordable $99 blender that pulverizes tough greens better than I could have ever imagined. I’m super stoked with this purchase. Who knew the only thing standing between me and not having to chew my smoothie was my Magic Bullet’s older (stronger, sexier) brother?

So now that I’ve got the right gadget, I’m busy earning smoothie cred and I’ve started by ripping off one of my favourites from Whole Foods: The Avocado Bravado.


Kale Blueberry Avocado Smoothie

// 2pc. Kale
// half an avocado
// 1 cup frozen blueberries
// 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I like vega!)
// 1 frozen banana

Throw it all in, top it off with almond milk, water and ice and TADA – Avocado Bravado!



    • It is delicious!! I enjoy this guy at all times of the day! This particular time it was for breakfast. I’m no expert but to me a meal is a meal. I just focus on nutritious options and less on “breakfast foods” for breakfast etc!

      Hopefully that’s helpful!

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