Brimnes 3 Drawer Dresser | Ikea Hack

Ikea Brimnes Dresser | DIY Gold Handles

SIGH. ADVENTURES IN gold leafing.

I bought the Ikea Brimnes 3 Drawer Chest* when I moved into my first apartment here in Vancouver. It wasn’t a piece I loved or coveted, I chose it because it was cheap ($99), white and would fit tucked away nicely, inside my closet at the time. I assure you this piece was never meant to be part of my “bedroom furniture”. Alas, when I moved, the chest moved with me, and, as if it was somehow scheming against me, found it’s way into the spotlight. If a piece of furniture could mock you, this one does it every time I walk into the room.

Brimnes Chest: 1 | Me: 0

Randomly over the weekend I was inspired to give this guy a mini-makeover. I don’t know where the idea came from but I thought it might be kind of cool if I made the handles gold. Normally I would just spray paint it but I decided to try my hand in gold leafing instead. The task was small enough (and low commitment) that if it failed miserably I planned on buying entirely new knobs. If it succeeded… well, then, I suddenly had a few other projects that could also use a little leafing love.

Ikea Brimnes Dresser | DIY Gold Handles

Straight from a gold leaf rookie’s mouth: patience is key. I wouldn’t say it’s hard to do but it’s very finicky. Surprising to most, I’m actually not a perfectionist at all. I’m more of an immediate-gratification-ist. So I have a tendency to move quickly through projects and almost always mess something up. In this case it was that I accidentally used the adhesive again instead of the sealer in the final step. Such a sticky mess.

Ikea Brimnes Dresser | DIY Gold Handles

Thankfully it ended up not being too big of a deal (I just sealed on top of the sticky to see what happened and it worked fine enough). There are some parts of the handles that are a bit tacky to the touch but whatever… I never claimed to be a professional gold leafer, so there.

Brimnes Chest: 0 | Me: 1
(but if we’re dishing out points to the gold leaf I probably lost that battle. Or maybe tied.)

I’m pretty pumped with how it turned out. I certainly love this little chest of drawers more than I used to (which was not at all) so that’s a win!

*it looks like Ikea has since changed the design of the Brimnes series.


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