Woodlot Restaurant Toronto

YOU REALLY KNOW you’re no longer a resident of a city when you come back to it and all the “hip” places you used to frequent are no longer “cool” and 9/10 restaurants that are suggested to you (via the internet or a friend) didn’t exist when you did. Toto, I’m not a Torontonian anymore.

On Saturday night my family and I dined out at a cool little place called Woodlot. I’m a sucker for anything that isn’t a chain restaurant and if you’ve got your branding and decor down, you’ll probably be a win in my books – even if the food falls flat. Luckily for us, Woodlot was as every bit tasty as it was trendy.

Woodlot Restaurant Toronto

Woodlot Restaurant Toronto

Nothing like a good meal with good company. Family dinners are probably the single-thing I miss most about living in Vancouver. Mostly ’cause my parents pick up the bill ;) Just kidding!

Drinks at Woodlot

Everyone knows that a striped paper straw is the way to my heart – well played, Woodlot. Well played.

Appetizers at Woodlot

Appetizers at Woodlot

Okay – we probably should have known better than to try to split 2 appetizers among 5 people at a restaurant like this. I’m happy to report that my one measly little ration was quite tasty and certainly left me wanting more! Props to my pops who managed to cut that little tart into 5.

Woodlot Pork Chops - Toronto

Obviously I am being super conservative with my eating leading up to the wedding on Saturday. Ha! I went for it in a big way with these pork chops and they were 100% worth having my own pork chops hang out of my bridesmaid dress this weekend.

Woodlot – you get a big ole little lessy-sized thumbs up! Yum!


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