Ikea Hack - Karlstad CouchKarlstad Ikea Couch Makeoveroh hey there, Les…x2 – no you’re not seeing double… just an epic photo fail…

IN THE PAST 3 years I’ve lived in 3 apartments in 2 different provinces. I got a lot out of these moves including how to utilize your grandfather’s food importing and distributing business to ship your belongings across the country (on a dime). I also learned that I have so. much. stuff and that when you’re 20-something, things can change pretty rapidly. Your job, your location, your taste – you’d think I have commitment issues.

Luckily I recognized this (relatively) quickly so by the time I was moving into my current apartment I knew that I shouldn’t impulse buy furniture (bad, bad idea) and that even though that West Elm couch is TO DIE FOR – no 24-year old needs a $3000 couch especially when tomorrow’s a mystery.

So, while couch shopping this time around I decided to keep it simple and succumb to an affordable Ikea couch (the Karlstad, to be exact). Wah-Wah. The caveat of course, was that it would require a little updating (seriously those block feet are brutal!).

Ikea Karlstad Couch

Enter, Uncle Bobs Workshop – this awesome guy online who specializes in making trendier replacement legs for Ikea couches. I ordered the round tapered ones with an unfinished stain so that I could match the colour to my last project.

New Ikea Legs for Karlstad Couch

The legs were super inexpensive, but I did have to wait a short lifetime (3 months) for them to arrive in the mail – which was absolute torture because if you know me you know that when I get my mind onto something I want it RIGHT. NOW. 

Ikea Karlstad Couch with Updated Legs

I actually can’t believe how big of a difference such a small update made. I’m super into the mid-century feel the tapered kicks give the couch. I’ve also considered giving the cushions a little tufted-lovin’ but I’m not ready to commit to that just yet. Plus, over brunch, some friends gave me a butt-load of reasons why tufted couches suck – reasons I won’t be publicly sharing on this blog.

Now, to adorn this beauty in some black and white throw pillows…



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