30 Day Sweat Challenge TrackerAFTER MILE A DAY MAY I mentioned how people had been asking me “what’s next?”. At the time I was so focused on getting through the month that I hadn’t thought much about what June would bring. What I did know was that I was addicted to sweating once a day and I also knew that it was totally possible (no more excuses!). I decided to partake in a general 30-day sweat challenge so I could give myself a bit of a break from running. I realize it’s now the 9th of June so I’m letting you in on this a little late… fear not, I’ve been doing enough workouts for the both of us (did I mention I’m kind of addicted?).

Welcome to Sweat In The City: June. I designed this little calender (and page) to keep track of what I’m up to (aren’t you glad you don’t have to look at pictures of my feet on your Instagram feed this month?). If you want to participate on your own you can print out this version or use this digital friendly one (but you’ll have to get crafty in Photoshop to add in your workouts).


 1. Kondi CalleneticsThis great little studio opened up here in Vancouver and I’m completely hooked on their classes. It’s the perfect combination of cardio and strength training and has everything I’m looking for in a workout. My favourite classes are the Combo Class and the TRX class. If you’re local and want to hit this studio up, just let me know, I’m always in for a sweat sesh!

2. Nike Training Club (app) – So I joined a gym a few weeks ago and have been relying on the Nike Training Club App to give me a good workout. I am actually so impressed with this app it’s crazy – it’s basically the equivalent of having a little personal trainer in your ear. You pretty much just pick a routine and then it tells you exactly what to do and how long to do it for. If you aren’t familiar with a move there are pictures and videos to guide you through every exercise. I always walk away from these workouts tired and dripping sweat – I highly recommend it!

3. A Super Sweaty Power Vinyasa Yoga Class – Yoga has incredible benefits and can elevate anyone’s game when used for cross-training (especially if you’re like me and don’t always do the best with stretching…I mean…). I incorporate 1 class a week into my workout schedule. My ‘can’t-miss’ class is Alex Mazerolle’s Sunday morning (well, 12:00PM.. which I suppose is considered the morning for most people on a Sunday) class at Yyoga Yaletown. If you’re looking for a class near you, download the Om Finder App and prepare to be amazed (shameless lululemon plug! What can I say, I love my job – but seriously it’s a kickass app).

Okay friends, ready to get sweaty? Comment below with a link to you blog if you’re participating! I’d love to check out how you’re getting after it this month.


8 thoughts on “SWEAT IN THE CITY: JUNE

  1. Hey girl! I’m a new transfer to Vancouver (and lululemon!) and have been reading your blog for a bit now! I’ll be moving to pine and broadway next month and Kondi sounds awesome to get my butt back into shape! Oh, and congrats on Mile A Day May!!! Woohoo!

    • Oh my goodness. Hello! I feel like we are going to be insta-besties (creepy? maybe). I have so much to say to you!
      1. Welcome to Vancouver! If you need anything let me know I am always happy to help another Toronto transplant!
      2. Welcome to lululemon! We should book a coffee “get related” meeting (you’ll soon learn those are legit).
      3. Let’s sweat at Kondi together! Seriously you’ll be addicted in a jiffy!
      4. You’re blog is so effing rad! I’m completely honored that you follow mine!
      5. Without even knowing I’m about to order one of your prints in pillow form from Society6! I have it all in my cart but I’m waiting for a free shipping promo #cheapass.

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