31 Day Running Challenge #mileadaymay

UM – WHOA. You guys, It’s June 1st which means May is over which means #mileadaymay is over which means I don’t have to run today!

When I decided to embark on #mileadaymay I didn’t really know what I was in for. The copywriter in me thought the name was clever, the designer in me thought a collage of 31 photos of my feet might look cool (but wait, there’s only 30 photos! more on that later), the blogger in me thought “good content” and the athlete in me was all “psh” but thankfully I silenced her real fast.

Despite it’s name, the distance was never important. It was always about getting out there. It takes the average person 10-12 minutes to run a mile. I consider myself to be a pretty active person but I sensed I was getting all too comfortable with the “not enough time” excuse and I had a feeling I was using it more than I realized. If I couldn’t find at least 10-12 minutes a day to break a sweat I knew I had some serious re-prioritizing to do.


1. Turns out there is enough time in the day. You may have to wake up earlier than you’d like or leave your friends and a half finished brew on a patio or get dropped off a mile away from your volleyball game but there is time – you just have to want to make it. On day 10 I effed up (this is where the 30 photos comes in). I didn’t plan my day out properly and I couldn’t make it happen. I was mad at myself for it but I knew I had to let it go. I considered throwing in the towel right then because I thought I’d failed. Instead I learned that Friday and Saturday mornings were made for workouts (Friday and Saturday nights, not so much). The next day I got back out there and since then, didn’t miss a beat.

2. You can run off a bad day. Holy – running does wonders to clear your mind. That endorphin thing? Not a gimmick. On one particular day I had run in the morning before work and then came home feeling “blah” and threw myself an epic pity party. Right before hitting rock bottom I decided I needed to hit the pavement and I used my frustrations to fuel a second run. By the end of my run my mood and mindset had done a total 180. This two-a-day also brought me back up to 31 runs by the end of the month which made me feel less guilty about missing Day 10.

3. There is nothing more refreshing than a run in the rain. I love it. It’s so serene and you feel completely badass cause you’re like THE ONLY PERSON OUTSIDE RUNNING.

4. Despite the fact that 30% of my runs started with “arrrrgh I don’t want to do this” 100% of my runs ended glad that I did. Also – I surprised myself that for most of my runs I was eager to get out there. I had anticipated a lot more dread than I actually experienced.

5. There are a lot of skunks in my neighbourhood. One day I crossed paths with 4 skunks. That’s got to be a record (note: I managed to make it out without getting sprayed).

6. Not every workout has to be an epic workout. Some days I only ran a mile other days I went to yoga, soccer and got in a 5K run. If you only have 10 minutes to be active then only workout for 10 minutes. It all counts and it all adds up. By the end of May I had clocked 100K. I covered more distance in a single month doing small runs everyday than in the peak month of my half-marathon training last year.

7. Enroll others to hold you accountable. This is true for any goal you set for yourself. I enrolled my blog readers, my family, my friends, coworkers and my social media following.  People kept telling me how inspired they were by what I was up to or that my photos on Instagram had convinced them to lace up too (see there is a time and a place for feet shots after all). There were even a few strangers who picked up the challenge (via the internet) and completed it with me! What no one probably knows is that they were inspiring me too. I didn’t want to let anyone down – people were so invested in my success.

People keep asking me “so now what?” and I’m like… uh, hello! Wasn’t running every day in May enough? The thing is I don’t even know myself. I feel like when you complete something like this you’re afraid to stop and break the habit. I think in June I’ll take my “there is enough time” mentality and commit to sweating every day but not necessarily through running. There are so many different activities I love to do and I don’t want to restrict myself.

As for those photos – I’m thinking I’ll do a little StickyGram action on them and make them into magnets! Unless, of course, you have a better idea?



  1. Congrats to you for finishing! And good for you for not beating yourself up when you missed a day—it’s nearly impossible for me to always follow through 100% with my “lents”, but there’s no use getting upset about it. You just get back to it the next day and at the end of the month, no matter how many days you’ve missed, you’ll have done more than you would have if you hadn’t assigned yourself the challenge in the first place.

    If you’re ever interested in collaborating, I’d love to tag team a 30-day challenge with you. When I saw you were doing Mile a Day May, I was like, shoot, I should have done that too!

    • Oh my goodness! Danne I’m so dumb I totally should have enrolled you for May!! We definitely should do a collab sometime soon I would love that!

      Thanks so much for the support and encouragement too!

  2. Great work! Very cool idea, love the collage. It works out better that you did 30 days anyways since 31 would totally mess up the symmetry.

  3. also, here’s some ideas for the photos:

    – gallery wall of shoe shots (how chic and totally en trend)
    – coasters
    – a 30 month calendar (i’ve always wanted a 2.5 month calendar)

    i like your Stickygram idea. I got those done for a stocking stuffer and they turned out well.

  4. I love 30 day challenges. I’ve been assigning myself one each month this year and it’s been really fun (and tough!). Congrats on finishing your mile a day may! That is an awesome challenge.

    • Thank you so much! Whoa – I love your monthly challenges! I see you’re flossing this month – I should probably join you in on that one, I recently went to the dentist and have re-commited to flossing hahaha… or at least I’m trying too!

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