Hanging Globe Light

THIS PROJECT SHOULD have been a piece of cake. Somehow it ended up being one of the more stressful ones (more on that in a sec). Now that it’s up I’m trying to decide if I even like it. Actually I know I like it – I’m just not sure I’m crazy about where I’ve actually placed it in my apartment.

Hanging Wall Light

Full disclosure: this photo was strategically taken as to shield you from the mess that is my bookcase. I haven’t gotten around to styling it quite yet and when I moved 2 months ago I pretty much just unpacked all my boxes directly onto the bookshelf (or so it seems).

DIY Handing Wall Light

Like I mentioned this project is, in theory, an extremely simple one. I bought that wall bracket (it’s really for a shelf) from Ikea like 2 months ago with the intention of using it for this but it took me longer than I thought to scrounge up the other pieces.

The bane of my existence became the actual cord. You see I went to a store down the street from my apartment, Homewerx, and originally bought the NUD Classic. I got it home only to realize the light was meant for a ceiling fixture and didn’t have a plug. ARG. So I returned the cord the next day and ventured over to another store, Nineteen Ten (which happens to be one of my fave shops in Vancouver, BTW). I found what I was looking for, I was sure of it, because there was one on display and I could SEE the wall plug. So I picked my colour, paid and came home. Turns out PLOG-IT (which is a Canadian brand, which I obviously love) makes two versions of their cord… one with a wall plug (the PLOG-KIT) and one for a ceiling fixture. Obviously because I’m me (and possibly because I broke a mirror last week and am cursed with 7 years of bad luck) I got home with yet another plug-less light. DOUBLE ARG. Thankfully I was able to exchange it for the one I really wanted but I could not believe I had made the same mistake twice.

Only. Me.

So let this be a lesson to you, folks. Do not make the same mistake I did. Double Triple check what you’re buying!

PS. What do you think?!



    • Hey Esha! I used the 28cm one (the larger bracket). Hope that’s helpful! I’d love to see a photo of it in your house when it’s done! Good luck!

        • HAHAHA! I actually nailed a nail part-way through just to get a sense of where to put the holes, then I drilled holes into the wall. Then I did the whole plug and screw thing and used a black sharpie to draw over the silver so it looks a bit more discreet :) I know – I’m such a professional eh? hahaha

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