The little chair that couldChair - DIYIF YOU’VE KNOWN me for awhile then you have probably heard about/seen/sat in these chairs before. They were first a project that Tiffany and I took on while living in our old apartment. We managed to snatch up these suckers for $20 a piece at a nifty local shop (a “hotel furniture liquidation centre” whatever that is). After a sand down, a serious paint job and a reupholster, they were as good as new and became a shared prized procession.

After the divorce (aka when Tiff and I decided we should get our own places) we agreed to split up this dynamic foursome and each take two. They are kind of like friendship chairs now. As much as I loved the yellow and the brightness they brought into our old place it was time for another refresh. Alas – the double DIY.

DIY - Chair - Makeover

In true Allessia fashion I decided to paint them white (this should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me). Thankfully this second makeover was far less painful than the first and a little spray paint did the trick!

White Chair DIY

White Kitchen Chairs - DIY

I’m super pleased with how they turned out and how fresh they look against my walnut table. I’m planning on changing the fabric up too but am in no rush since the existing pattern still works. I’m also on a hunt now for 2 more chairs now to complete my dining set.

I wonder how many times I can refresh these chairs before they reach their expiration date?




  1. When I finally find a place to buy in Chicago…I am getting you a plane ticket to help me decorate lady!

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