Ikea - DIY - Bekvam Stool

A STEP STOOL. A staple in any short girl’s house. (Um… was that a haiku? no? not even close? ok let’s keep going). I hate to admit how often I use need this little guy but it’s a sad sad truth. So in an effort to take away a bit of the sting/embarrassment/shame, I set out to make this relatively plain-Jane, beech Ikea Bekvam stool a wee less dorky. A makeover was certainly in order. Especially since the wood was totally clashing with my oak floors and walnut table.

Dark Walnut Stain

Remember this beautiful mess from my Instagram feed on the weekend? Well this is what I was up too! Luckily the stool comes completely unfinished so it’s a total breeze to stain. I chose a dark walnut to keep with my apartment colour scheme. And yes I used a stripe straw to stir the stain. Don’t judge.

Ikea Stool Safety

Safety first friends! Okay I kind of got a huge kick out of this warning sticker.

1. This is unfortunate since the floors in my apartment are the furthest thing from level. I’ll take my chances and proceed with caution.
2. Apparently you’re absolutely not suppose to do what I did here. Consider this my official disclaimer. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.
3. This was a real bummer because I actually wanted to created a pathway of stools going from my entrance to the kitchen. The floor is lava afterall…

Bekvam Ikea Stool in Walnut Finish

There she is! Looking pretty cute eh? I put on roughly 3 coats to achieve the exact colour I wanted – the cool thing about stain is that you really have control over the end result. Also good to note, this was a completely mindless activity that can be done while watching a bad movie (Just Go With It) hungover (bows head…). And that scarf there, yah it’s my new favourite thing and it’s from the Gap just in case you were wondering!



  1. So I saw your blog post on Pinterest showing the unfinished stool, and since I just bought this step stool I wanted to see whats up. A) Very pretty. B) WTF is up with # 2 over there…they sell and have a huge display of stains for this stool! Just throwing this out there. I hope to one day paint mine orange to go with my kitchen.

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