Happy Birthday To Me

HOORAY! IT’S MY FAVOURITE day of the year, my birthday, and I’ve got to say so far I like 24.

Just me and my balloon

I wasn’t planning on doing any major celebrating this year but last Sunday night I kind of panicked (anticipated some serious FOMO) and decided to host a small soiree (oxymoron?) for just a few friends. I picked a “mint-theme” for no real rhyme or reason and absolutely just went for it. And by went for it I mean I bought myself a 36″ balloon because I’ve always wanted one and yes, I took it on the Skytrain and yes, people stared.

All in the details

Because I love to drive myself crazy and decided to plan a full-blown party in 5 days (2 of which I was away for work) I had to make some substitutions when it came to all the details. I really, really wanted to sparkle DIY wooden spoons (I was planning on ordering them from here) but obviously they wouldn’t have made it in time so I resorted to regular ole plastic ones. I was actually much happier with the outcome than I thought I’d be. Spoons for what you might ask? Mint chocolate chip ice cream of course (my fave)!

The mint striped paper straws were another ordeal – I HUNTED those puppies down. I was so fortunate to discover Meadow Gifts in Gastown and met Sasha (the shop owner) who is just the loveliest. She seriously hooked me up and I’m so grateful (I was really set on having these!).

Vanilla Coconut Cake

For some reason people say you shouldn’t make your own birthday cake but I did it anyway. Vanilla Buttercream cake with a coconut cream filling. Delish. And when I cut it open it revealed a sweet surprised – mint and white stripes! I crafted the cake banner (I told you I was obsessed) with shish kabob sticks and paper – it was so easy and such a cute touch. I managed to get out of being sung happy birthday to (which I find so incredibly awkward) by swapping out regular candles for sparklers – everyone was far too distracted trying to snap the perfect instagram shot. Winning! Sidenote: I originally thought I was going to do 4 layers for the cake but realized it was just going to be too aggressive. I ended up icing the fourth layer on its own and brought it outside to a homeless man – he was so delighted and it totally warmed my heart. I need to do more of this.

Mint Mojitos

Tiff is officially a new bartender-for-hire. She got us all drunk on mint mojitos and they were certainly a hit! I randomly found mint-coloured sugar which we used to rim all the glasses mason jars. If you want to recreate this incredibly refreshing bevvy she used this recipe.

A Few more Details

I also must call out that Tiff bought me a beautiful box of pistachio and vanilla macarons from one of my favourite cafes in Vancouver, Bel Cafe. She’s the bestest.

All the little details aside a party wouldn’t be anything without good company. I am so so so thankful to all my friends who came to celebrate with me (and for the bouquets of flowers!). I couldn’t have felt more loved.

So here’s to being 24 and still being in mint condition. It’s gonna be a good year – I can just tell.

ps. ever wondered what the number in my blog banner was for? My age! If you’ll care to notice I swapped out the 23 for 24 last night. Sneaky!

pps. everyone used the #inmintcondition hashtag so you can sneak a peek at a few more shots here.



    • Hey Ashley! So glad I could be a mintspiration! ;) I had so much fun planning this party! My number 1 tip is to plan more than a week ahead of time. There is so much awesome mint party stuff online that you can take advantage of!

      Would love to see how your party comes together – send me the link! And happy birthday to your son too!


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