February Goals

ANYONE WHO KNOWS me knows I love me a good to-do list. There really isn’t anything quite as satisfying as writing out a list and meticulously crossing each item off. It keeps my otherwise completely scatterbrain of a mind sane and allows me to focus and prioritize. I seriously need that. I was so pleased with the success of setting my January intentions that I decided to make it a full out feature on the blog. Talk about having a hell of a 2013.


The only thing I didn’t accomplish off last month’s list was reading a book (arguably the easiest one). But to be fair I read half of a book and then decided I didn’t like it and read half of a second book… so I basically did read a book. Right?


My February goals really excite me. Um, how is it already February? There are less in the list (hey, there’s less days in February don’t judge!) but I feel good about them. The first one – taking a real lunch break – will definitely be the most challenging. I hate to say that I never do it – but I really rarely do. I just get so carried away in my work I kind of just forget (have I mentioned I love my job?).

Wish me luck on this months adventures! What are you planning to accomplish in February?


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