HIGH 5 FOR FRIDAY // 12.21.12

H5FF Dec 20

ONE OF THE reasons I love writing these posts is because it forces me to look back at my week and re-evaluate all the stuff that happened. I kid you not, just last night I was whining and groaning and screaming “THIS.WEEK.SUCKED”. And sure there were some things about this week that were not awesome (1. getting sick 2. getting stressed out at work 3. packing – ugh i hate packing 4. a missing yam roll from my sushi take-out order).

So I sat down to write this expecting to come out empty handed. But alas – we have a funny way of trumping all the good stuff with the bad stuff in our lives. In fact, once I got thinking about it there were actually too many things I wanted to feature in this post… so i’ve added a few bonus ones at the end!

Without further ado…

1. Spent Saturday flying solo shopping on Main street and even though I got really wet it was totally awesome. Especially the coffee from Matchstick – a shop I’ve been meaning to hit up foreverrrr.

2. Volunteering at Table for 2000 with some of my coworkers. It felt so good to offer up my time and I gotta say I killed the line work (I even made it on to Global News!).

3. It ‘snowed’ in Vancouver and the city didn’t know what to do. And I laughed. It was awesome.

4. I couldn’t wait any longer so I made Tiff open up her Christmas present from me and she loved it – and I loved that she loved it.

5. Thursday at the office included coffee with baileys, hot chocolate and whipped cream, a meeting dedicated to sharing our love for each other and shoulder massages. Have I mentioned I love my job?

1. “The Little Bar of Bethlehem” bar menu at a coworker’s Holiday Party on Saturday
2. Winning a friendly competition (I won’t say what it was) against Tiff at the bar… also on Saturday
3. Brunch with Leah, Dave and Tess at Deacon’s. #pulledpork&pancakes&eggs
4. Hitting up Rodney’s Oyster House for the first time – finally.

And the fact that I’m headed back to Toronto tonight is pretty freaking rad too.


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