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HERE’S TO A MOMENT of vulnerablity for the first time on this blog (all for the sake that it’s Wednesday and I like sharing words of wisdom on this day). I’m currently enrolled in a course through my job called IGOLU which is the work of the wonderful Susanne Conrad. The coles notes is that it aims to help you get super clear on what you want (and don’t want) in your life (and out of it) – want: happiness, don’t want: stress – you get the drill. Anyway this particular image spoke to me this week because of something that became really present to me while I was working through the last session. I realized that I’ve spent that last little long while wanting to fall in love but just realized that all this time I don’t think I really actually believed that I could do it again. Let your past make you better not bitter. Let. It. Go. Oh, so I’m also declaring it here that I now I believe it too.


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