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IT IS NO DOUBT that the weather is the topic of conversation right now. From an earthquake in BC (Saturday night) to the horrifying onslaught of hurricane Sandy – I’m just gunna go ahead and say what everyone is thinking – W.T.F (and please stay safe).

As I was walking home from work trying to digest what the heck was going on (I was getting updates from friends and family back in Toronto, New York and New Jersey) I found myself looking up towards my own sky. Sunshine. Seriously? Sunshine. How is it that even possible? In Vancouver, Canada’s rainiest city, we have sunshine. And I kind of feel guilty about it.

While counting this blessing (and I truly do consider it a blessing for varying reasons) my eyes were drawn to something particularly beautiful (more so than a blue sky) – something that I must have stood under 50 times and just never noticed. This perfect artful accident where a glass awning and overhang of a glass bus shelter roof, overlapped in such a way that it caught all the fallen leaves from a nearby tree. Seriously. Beautiful.

I’m not sure that these two things are connected – other than for the fact that I was thinking about the weather when I stumbled across what I’ve aptly named “artfully fallen”. And I’m certainly not trying to make light of the situation on the east – believe you me I’m horrified for everyone. But I just couldn’t help but share a bright spot in my day and I hope it feels like a bright spot for you too.


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