I HAVE TO START by saying that I really, really, really needed one more day this weekend. Just one more day to bask in nothingness before getting back to the daily grind (despite that fact that I actually really love my grind). I need a day to digest the stuff I spent that better part of Sunday trying to wrap my mind around; the inspiring, life-changing stuff that the amazing speakers of TEDxVANCOUVER hit me with, dropping #truthbomb after truthbomb.

Here are a few of the nuggets of brilliance that I recorded throughout the day. Some came directly from the mouths of speakers – others from piecing two and two together in my own little mind. (I tried to credit the speakers the best I could – the talks from the day will be up on the TEDxVancouver site where you and I can all relive the glory.)

1. Every conversation counts. Big or small, friend, family, stranger. We, as human beings, have the power and ability to impact other people’s lives in ways we may never know. Every conversation is a small piece in the greater puzzle which all equates to the very place we end up.

2. The memory of the Internet is forever. Be smart, strategic and educated about what, how and where you post. You cannot take anything back from the world wide web.

3. Seduction is a valuable life skill. It is not one that I believe I currently possess but one I’ll work on. It is not a negative/sexualized thing – it is having the confidence to know what you want and fearlessly going after it.  Master seduction and you can achieve anything – and no, this doesn’t mean sleeping your way to the top. Now, watch out world. (Chen Lizra)

4. Master the art of giving, reap the rewards of knowing your impact. I think back to all the different charities and organizations I have donated my time and money to this year. Toast to the Coast, Imagine One Day, Ride to Conquer Cancer – the list goes on. I am asked by friends and coworkers and random strangers on the street to give – and so I do.  Because it’s the right thing and it feels good. Because I want to support the people I love. But what impact have I actually had? A couple dollars here, a couple hours volunteered there. What if I chose to devote my charitable giving to one cause. A cause that I’m passionate about. Something that touches me closely. If I did that, than maybe I would feel like I’ve played a bigger part in creating change. (John Bromley)

5. We all exist on borrowed time. A doctor walks into a room and tells you that you only have X amount of days to live and all of a sudden you decide you need to live large. You quit the job you hate, you spend your time doing the things you love and seeing the things you’ve always wanted to see. You live fully and you live unconditionally. Well, just because a doctor hasn’t walked into a room and put you on a timeline, doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed tomorrow. There is no later, there is only now. (Joel Soloman)

6. There is nothing more invigorating than knowing your flaws and knowing you can do better. (Mark Brand)

7. Wherever you are is exactly where you are supposed to be. (Robin Esrock)

8. You have to believe that every decision you make is the right one. (Robin Esrock)

9. Before you go on any journey make sure you pack the right state of mind. And in any situation you ever find yourself in, Don’t Panic. (Robin Esrock)

10. Celebrity Gossip is a reflection of who we are and where we are going. You cannot consume gossip without making a definite declaration of what you believe. It teaches us about our social morals and values, and it subjects us to very real shit. (Elaine Lui)

All of this boiled down to one thing for me – which I’m not going to reveal just yet. Stay tuned for a project I’m officially working on as of tonight (I’ve enrolled Tiff too!) We’ve got something up our sleeves.

Oh yah – and I also learned that I never want Botox – but that wasn’t really the point that they were trying to land so I’ll just leave that at that.


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