Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

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I CANNOT BELIEVE that Thanksgiving is already next weekend (well at least for us Canadian Folks). It is hard to believe that it was a whole year ago that I was visiting home for the holiday for the first time since moving away.

I am even more excited to have made the decision to extend my long weekend by two days so that  I can kick back at home just a little longer – and help my momma prepare our Thanksgiving feast! My mom and I are quite different in the kitchen – I tend to be a little too daring (taking on too much at once). My mom is organized, planned and doesn’t take as many risks – which on a day like Thanksgiving – is a good thing because you can be confident that you’ll be eating something delicious that night. I picked out a few recipes that looked mouth-watering to me, we’ll see if my mom agrees and how many of them she’ll let me take on. I feel like a post-dinner update is a must!

Happy Thanksgiving folks!

Ps. For a glimpse of what thanksgiving at my place might be like read this post that I wrote a few years back.


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