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ARGUABLY THE BEST part about a new place is getting to decorate. Or at least dream about decorating because lets be serious buying a house and moving leaves little money left for the pretty stuff.

I get really overwhelmed at the thought of filling a space and trying to decide what “style” I want it to be. I feel like my taste is always evolving and if I had to pin-point it in one aesthetic I’m not actually sure I could.

So when it came time to start thinking about decorating my new place I turned to the one source I knew couldn’t let me down. All hail the Pinterest Gods. Even if I can’t articulate my look I can certainly find a myriad of photos that make my heart flutter.

I tried to be as unfiltered as possible pinning anything that made me intrigued and excited until I started to notice themes occurring. Then I went through all the pictures I pinned and started curating it with a little more intention. I looked for images that not only did I love, but I felt worked seamlessly together in the grand scheme of a house. Eventually I landed with that collage above.

My mom laughs at me because when it comes to home decor I change my mind faster than I turn over my wardrobe. Exhibit A: my bed saga of 2011. When I moved here 4 years ago I accidentally purchased a queen-sized headboard for my double-sized mattress. In a cruel game of this or that the headboard won and I was soon shopping for a new mattress and box spring combo. “Because I LOVE the headboard. So much. And I’ll have it forever!”.

Needless to say I recently sold said headboard because in typical Allessia fashion I’d moved on to something else. (The old one had no place in my Pinterest vision). But that’s the thing, both good and bad about our modern culture. With sites like Craigslist, buying and selling your stuff has never been easier. Buying furniture (especially) just doesn’t feel like all that big of a commitment anymore because you know that someone else will happily take it off your hands whenever you’re ready for something else. And it’s hard to feel guilty about it when you know those pieces are being recycled into good homes rather than just landing at the dump!



DON’T LOOK! …. OKAY fine look.

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The bathroom and kitchen don’t leave much to be desired, eh? But those big bay windows. Those windows sold me. They were all like “DREAM HOME ALERT” basking in the sun. Oh, the natural light this place gets, it hypnotized me, I swear. It was beaming just bright enough to make me look past the crooked cabinet doors, pukey-salmon-coloured “accent” tiles, God awful linoleum floors and more oak trim than I ever bargained for. But those windows! My goodness me.

I’ve been living in this place for about 3 weeks now (what now? where does the time go?) so I figured it was about time I share some interior photos with you. Especially because ch-ch-ch-changes are already happening and it’s looking better in here every day.

While it would have been easier to call in the professionals I decided it was going to be up to me to save this house from the 80s for now until I can actually afford the “dream” kitchen and bathroom that I really want.

I did however fly in some help. Parents who are willing to spend their vacation days doing free-labour are the best kind of parents! There’s absolutely no way I could have undergone this project without them. The kitchen is almost done so I’ll be sharing my little reno project as soon as it’s finished!

[ps. all the furniture in the photos above were from previous tenants. Some of these photos were taken directly from the listing]