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stay wild by Dan Cassaro

I ALWAYS APPRECIATE when people come into my life and remind me to stay wild. I can be a very silly person but it usually takes another hooligan to really pull the goof ball out of me. I’ve been feeling extra-silly these days and I like it. Life’s much more fun when you don’t take it too seriously.

Also, I saw this video and decided that that’s exactly the kind of parent/wife/adult that I want to be.



DIY Black and White Throw Pillows

DOESN’T IT JUST puzzle you when you go out shopping and you think you’re looking for the most basic thing and you can’t seem to find it anywhere? That has been me for the past year looking for black and white throw pillows. Who would have thought they’d be so hard to come by? And the few I did see came with such a steep price tag that I just couldn’t justify the purchases.

Enter my crafty little self. I found 2 white canvas pillow cases (with inserts) at Ikea for something like $14 and figured I could just paint a black pattern on. Why the hell not? A quick trip to my local Micheal’s to pick up fabric paint and I was well on my merry way to making my B&W dreams come true.

DIY - Potato Stamping Black and White Pillow Cases

You don’t really need much for this project and the cost is super low. And yes that is a potato and no it’s not for a mid-craft snack. Remember in Kindergarten when you’d make stamps from potatoes and use them to do paintings? Well turns out there was a major life take away from that curriculum.

Potato Stamping 101

I carved out a cross design in one potato and a triangle out of the other. Geometric shapes are kind of my jam these days. I used masking tape to keep my stamping straight, although it’s pretty hard to control where the potato is going to land. You kind of just gotta hold your breath and hope for the best. I should also note that I used the sponge brush to paint the potato rather than dipping – it seemed to work best that way. Also, I reapplied paint after every stamp for consistency.

Potato Stamping 101

To be honest I usually rush through projects (cause I’m impatient like that) which usually results in at least one major eff-up. I’m happy to report that no loud expletives were shouted in the making of this project.


Once you let the pillows dry (roughly 4 hours) you just set it with your iron (read the directions on your fabric paint though because it could vary). This whole project took me no time at all to complete and I’m super happy with the result!

Black and White Triangle Pillow

 Let me know if you do some potato-pillow-painting youreselves! I’d love to see your creations!



Breakfast In Bed

IF VANCOUVER RAIN is good for one thing, it’s an excuse to stay in bed all day. And if you’re going to spend the day in bed (or at least the better half the day) at some point you’re going to have to eat. And eating in bed, I’ve decided, doesn’t happen nearly enough. I’m actually not sure I’ve ever really experienced a true breakfast in bed aside from maybe the occasional bowl of cheerios. So on Saturday morning, I went for it.

Breakfast In Bed

[ Don't be alarmed, I'm aware there is a boy making a cameo in that photo. There's also 2 forks, 2 mugs and 2 servings of delicious food. That's all Imma sayin' for now :) ]

The worst part about going out for breakfast (aside from the fact that you actually have to leave your bed) is that you usually have to choose between sweet or savory. It’s like the hardest decision I ever have to make. Since I (mostly) classify myself as an adult, I usually stick to the egg option even though I secretly long for the sky-high stack. 

So, since I’m a true believer in sweet AND savory, I decided to do a sampling of both. It’s just logical if you ask me.

Kale, Mushroom and Feta Baked Eggs

Now, I wouldn’t normally experiment in the kitchen sans recipe when I’ve got a guest kicking around but I prayed to the culinary Gods that morning and went rogue. Sauteed kale, mushroom and onion. Layered it up in a ramekin with feta. Topped with two eggs and a sprinkling of Parmesan, rosemary and thyme. Salt ‘n Peppa-ed to taste, then popped it in the oven and voila! I wouldn’t say I perfected it yet but there weren’t any complaints either.

French Toast Muffins

For our sweet treat I made French Toast muffins, with a recipe courtesy of Erica’s Sweet Tooth. They were prettttty delish and I’d definitely recommend them. They are going to be a new go-to for me when I’m hosting brunch. What’s great about them is that you can do a lot of the work the day prior and then just pop them in the oven when guests arrive. Also, they’re all ready at the same time so you don’t have to worry about things getting cold when serving multiple peeps. I’ve got the leftovers chilling (literally) in my freezer so I’m hoping they reheat well. I’ll have to report back!