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AH! WE HAD the best time in Sayulita. This place has been on my radar for a while now and I’ve been dying to check it out.  Many friends of mine have visited this cute magical surf town and they have all returned singing the Sayulita praises. I’m happy to report that I’m joining the choir. This place is simply the coolest.

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Everything is quaint and simple and brightly coloured. It’s the perfect amount of authentic Mexico with a subtle (albeit growing) tourist influence making it friendly and accessible for all. It’s small enough that you can walk everywhere and everything is close. There are quite a few intense hills though so some take to renting golf carts to get around. The amount of tacos we planned to eat meant we were walking. Unfortunately you don’t burn calories sitting on the beach.

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Just a couple of weirdos. Ya’ll should be used to photos like these by now though…

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We met so many awesome people (locals and tourists alike) on this trip and were lucky enough to be invited back to take in this view with some new friends. This was an awesome Air BNB find where our new Aspen friends were staying. Dan and I loved our little lodge but we’re already dreaming of  returning to Sayulita with a bunch of friends and taking over this Casa for a week.


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One thing that surprised me a lot was how much I loved the food. I actually don’t know if I’ve ever really had true authentic Mexican fare before this trip but man I was in love. Our favourite question of the day was “in what way would you like to enjoy tortilla, rice, fish, beans and salsa today? Taco? Enchilada? Fajitas? Quesadillas? Burritos?”. In some ways it’s kind of all just the same ingredients arranged in a slightly different manner but it was ALL good ALWAYS. And spicy. Yum.

We actually had sought out accommodations with a kitchen because we intended to cook a lot but it turned out to be so cheap (and delicious) to eat out that we just wanted to indulge the whole time.

We highly recommend the special of the day for breakie at El Espresso if you want bang for your buck. It’s usually some sort of Mexican egg dish, coffee and a mango smoothie for about $6.00. It’s also got free wifi which would be a bonus if you wanted to check in with the world.

Other notable mentions are Burrito Revolution and Orangy and you pretty well can’t go wrong with the street tacos. We also discovered the deliciousness of Marlin (fish) and sided with that option most everywhere we went. Get the marlin. Trust. Also if you get sick of Mexican (it’s possible) Mammia Mia makes pasta fresh on site and is quite good. But really – I don’t think we had a bad meal – just eat everywhere.

Our favourite restaurant, was Teirra Viva. We met the best server ever (Martin) who was so fun to chat with and the food was incredible. Arguably the best coconut shrimp I’ve ever had. On our last night Martin brought us dessert and had our names written on the plate – it was such a sweet surprise (literally!).

And also the Popsicles from Wa Kika are life changing (see photo above) and if you get offered a snack on the beach (cucumber with lime and hot sauce) take it.

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I had a mini hiccup this trip catching some sort of bug or sun poisoning (we’re still not really sure what it was) so unfortunately I was down for the count a bit (fever, aches, chills…ugh) so I spent most of the trip in the shade on the beach but Dan got a little surf session in on our last day.

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Also my new Mexican beach blanket! I’m obsessed. I had to stop myself from buying 50.

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Sayulita – we’ll be ‘seeing you later’ for sure. Until next time…keep it real.




I PROMISE YOU this is the last time I’ll speak Kinfolk until at least the next one (if I have the pleasure of hosting again, that is). But please do head on over to piccolo design co. to check out some of the awesome photos taken that night. I am so proud of how the whole thing turned out (not something I say often of my work) so I can’t help but want to shout it from the rooftops.

How cool is this photo series that Jourdan Tymkow captured? I took the liberty of turning it into a GIF. I just thought it perfectly summed up what Kinfolk Gatherings are all about. Strangers gathering along a long table for an evening of good food and better company. Most of the diners I talked to told me they were delighted by the people they were seated next to and the new friendships they formed.

The theme for the dinner was Wabi-Sabi which is an ancient Japanese concept and aesthetic that celebrates beauty in the imperfection and the natural cycle of growth and decay. I shouldn’t be too hard to spot how this theme came to life in the tablescaping and decor. Most notable (though it was hard to get the full effect in photos) was how the florals went from dying and decay on one end of the table and transitioned into growth and greenery on the other. It was simply beautiful.

On a separate note – I have decided to go freelance full-time and really give piccolo the attention it deserves. Today I officially registered it as a business and everything! So if you need design or event work – please do hit me up! Girls gotta make a living.



Kinfolk Dinner - Vancouver 2014

IT’S HARD TO believe but as quickly as it came – it went. Okay maybe not as quickly as it came… there were a lot of “holy eff” moments that preceded “okay I’ve got this” moments before the Vancouver edition of Kinfolk Gatherings actually happened. But, nonetheless it’s hard to believe that 2 months of planning equated to a few (albeit amazing) hours on the eve of October 11.

While I’m eager to share a bit more of the planning/designing/creating/executing process with you (in particular the photos!!!) I don’t have all of them yet so instead I wanted to put down on paper the web a digitized version of the thank you speech I shared with our dinner guests that acknowledged all the amazing local talent that went into making this dinner possible. My apologies if I sound like a broken record but you guys, these businesses are the coolest and even if they weren’t involved in this dinner I’d be shouting their praises from the rooftops anyway.

About 30 minutes leading up to guests arriving I looked around at the room taking in what we’d created. I realized that – safe from the table cloths and the lighting – pretty much everything else was carefully curated and contributed by local artisans and/or businesses.

This was particularly special for me because I love Vancouver and the talent that lies within it. My preference is always to shop local choosing a small coffee roasters over Starbucks any day.

So, in no particular order here’s my Oscar-esque thank you to all our amazing partners…

Union Wood Co for kinfolk

To Union Wood Co. for their generosity and hospitality! We are happy to say we were the first to use their new woodshop/venue Bon Accord. Also – for the amazing serving boards each guest dined off of (and got to take home with them). Huge shout out to Craig for letting me ask “one more question” about 100 times. Check out Union Wood Co. for beautifully designed and constructed reclaimed wood furniture and goods.

Juno Kim for Kinfolk

To Juno Kim (and his team) for crafting the most delicious, inspired and progressive 5-course dinner. His attention to detail and dedication to the theme (Wabi-Sabi) did not go unnoticed. Juno hosts pop-up dinners around Vancouver  – follow him on instagram @Jun0K (thats a zero not an ‘o’) for more information!

Postmark For Kinfolk

To Postmark Brewing for sharing their beer with us. This is an awesome new brewery located in historic Railtown and certainly worth checking out.

Written Word Calligraphy for Kinfolk

To Karla of Written Word Calligraphy for providing this gorgeous print that each guest got to take home with them. It reads “limit everything to the essential but do not remove the poetry”. This quote served us as our guiding principle during the creation of the dinner.

The Pie Shoppe for KinfolkTo the lovely ladies of The Pie Shoppe for the amazing pumpkin tart that we served for dessert.Earnest Icecream for Kinfolk

And to my personal favourite ice cream makers in Vancouver – Earnest Ice Cream for developing a custom flavour – White Miso (!!!) – for our dinner. Meeting Erica (co-owner) was a little bit like meeting a celebrity for me. I LOVE me some ice cream.

Pallet Coffee Roasters for Kinfolk

To Pallet Coffee Roasters for orchestrating an amazing coffee service to accompany dessert. AND for giving each dinner guest a bag of coffee to bring home. They’ve got a new adorable little shop in East Van – I highly suggest you add them to your coffee rotation.

Greenstems for Kinfolk

To Heather and Sven from Greenstems for taking an impossible venue and challenging theme and absolutely killing it with the florals. Their installation along the 60 ft table went seamlessly from Decay to Growth inspired by Wabi-Sabi. It was actually mind-blowingly beautiful.

Woodlot Candles for Kinfolk

To Woodlot for lighting up our table with their incredible coconut wax candles. And for not thinking I was crazy when I asked them to fill “imperfect” and/or broken ceramics from the lovely Heather of Dahlhaus.

Niche Wine CoTo Niche Wine Co. (a dear friend of mine) and Tantalus for providing us with some amazing Okanagan Vino. Spruce Vintage Rentals for KinfolkTo Breanne and Elisa from Spruce Vintage Rentals – arguably my favourite mother/daughter duo – for the amazing enamel jugs, washtub and reclaimed wood benches… but mostly for not hesitating for even a second to return to Abbotsford to pick up more seating when we realized we did the math very wrong (hey I went to art school). You guys saved the day – I (and 25 guests who would have been sitting on the floor) are so grateful!

Janaki Larsen for KinfolkTo Janaki Larsen for her beautiful Wabi Sabi ceramic plates that we served our first course on. What an amazing way to start our dinner. And in case you didn’t know – she’s the same lovely lady behind Le Marche St. George one of Vancouver’s best cafes (in my humble opinion, or course).

Lock and Mortice for KinfolkAnd last but certainly not least – Lock and Mortice who – in the eleventh hour pumped out a ridiculous amount of wood serving boards at the request of Juno our chef. They were stunning.

And of course, a shout out to our volunteers – all of whom I am lucky to call my friends. To Victory Gardens for giving me the opportunity to work on this dream project with them, to Jourdan Tymkow who’s photos I’ll be sharing soon, and to Tiff – my bestie who was my partner in crime. This event would not have happened without her love, support, logistics brain and hard work.